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capital and largest city of the modern state of Israel (although its status as capital is disputed)

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They also took away the transmitter from Alquds Educational TV and other equipment.
The Arabic newspaper AlQuds al-Arabi has said it received a claim of responsibility issued in the name of al Qaida.
subset]] primarily in three main texts, all of them the prologues of major works--namely, the Mashahid al-asrar al-qudsiyah, the Risalat Ruh alquds, and Al-Futuhat al-makkiyah.
In their speeches during the opening session of the regular session (144) of the Arab League Council at the ministerial level, they stressed that the Palestinian issue is the key to stability in the region, deploring Israeli violations in occupied Alquds and Aqsa Mosque.
Talking about the unity of Muslim Ummah, he said IIUI shows solidarity with the people of Palestine and "We pray for the end of violence and illegal occupation of the AlQuds and AlAqsa Mosque.
While talking about the unity of Muslim Ummah, President IIUI said "IIUI shows solidarity with the people of Palestine and we pray for the end of violence and illegal occupation of the AlQuds and AlAqsa Mosque".
The events themselves will also be covered through the Hona AlQuds Community Media Network through radio and written reports.
They are: Dubai TV correspondent Mohamed Assayed, Associated Press cameraman Mohamed Hassan and the producer Rami Abdu, French Agency photographer Mousa Alshaer, Alquds Dot Com photographer Abd-Alrahman Younis, and an American photographer "name unknown".
An Unexpected Turn on Rainbow: AlQuds "Rebranding" As Hinewia commented on the Instgram, it appears like AlQuds has started selling scoops of flavored falafel.
In addition to condemning the raid in Khan Younis, the source criticized the storming of a family home in Rafah [in the Gaza Strip] which belongs to three members of the alQuds Brigades, the military wing of PIJ, and the confiscation of their weapons and explosive devices that were to be used to resist the occupation, AL HAYAT reported.
AaAaAaAa DG of Bayt Mal ALQuds Acharif Agency was also received earlier by President of the Palestinian Authority, MahmoudAa Abbas, to whom he transmitted greetings from H.
Alquds, Shawwal 04, 1436, July 20, 2015, SPA -- Human Rights Watch directed an accusation to the Israeli occupation of using unjustified force to arrest Palestinian children up to the age of 11 years, in addition to using the threat to force them to sign confessions.
Pakistan called on the United Nations (UN) Security Council to make effort to resolve the decadesold Middle East problem by "establishing an independent state of Palestine based on the pre1967 borders with alQuds alSharif (Jerusalem) as its capital".
In January 2013, the Defense Ministry accused Al-Hammadi, then working for Alquds Alarabi newspaper, of threatening Yemen's unity.