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It is after all home to mountaineering pioneers Jacques Balmat and doctor Michel Paccard, who first conquered the mother of all of the French Alps mountains - Mount Blanc - that majestically overlooks Chamonix and satellite villages.
It is well known for skiing and climbing since it is located right in front of the Matterhorn -- one of the Alps Mountains. Narrow rivers sparkled in between the snowy mountains.
Captain Marco di Lorenzo, the media officer of the Italian Unit, said that the Alpini Brigade is comprised of 1,000 members, adding that its name is derived from the Alps Mountains, where the soldiers received training totally different to other units.
The crash of the Germanwings plane on the remote Alps mountains ignited a firestorm of debate on aviation safety last week.
He was expected to hand over the pedals to colleagues from Tanzania and UAE who will take the team onto the next stage through the Black Forest and Alps mountains.