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On this side of the Alps there was not a school or college in which it could be learned.
Its snow-clad mountains one hears so much about are only seen occasionally, and then in the distance, the Alps. Tahoe is from ten to eighteen miles wide, and its mountains shut it in like a wall.
But you ought to be ashamed to be jawing here like this, in a red blanket, on a forty-foot scaffold on top of the Alps. And no end of people down here to boot; this isn't any place for an exhibition of temper."
The highest telephone in the world is on the peak of Monte Rosa, in the Italian Alps, very nearly three miles above the level of the sea.
Alps reported a group net profit of 17.51 billion yen, or 96.38 yen per share, compared with 1.90 billion yen, or 10.53 yen per share, the previous year.
This herbal mountain dew; genepy or genepi des Alpes, is known as a natural elixir indigenous to the western Alps.
Two other shorter mountain stages will take place in the Alps, a 179.5- km ride from Les Deux alpes to La Plagne tomorrow, with three super category passes, Galibier, Madeleine and La Plagne.
'I think I have the team to help me in the Alps,' said Armstrong, who can count on the support of Spaniards Roberto Heras and Jose-Luis Rubiera.
In the early 20th century the Alps were no longer known for terrifying wildness and romantic sublimity but had become a center for TB sanatoriums and resorts for winter sports.
To reduce the gridlock, workers are boring the 57-kilometer (36 mile)long Gotthard Base Tunnel through the base of the Swiss Alps. When the project is completed in 2012, electric-powered, 250 km/hour (150 mph) trains will glide through the world's longest railway tunnel.
High on an Austrian Alp, this cableway terminus sets an example to others in care and precision of creation.
"I got to know these Trinity Alps better than my husband did," she says.
"Stewardship in our forests is an important topic today because it requires the efficient management of forest utilization, and that is the key to the ALPS," said Dr.
But at a remote research station high in the Alps, UV-B climbed by 0.5 to 1 percent per year between 1981 and 1989, report Mario Blumthaler and Walter Ambach of Austria's University of Innsbruck.