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On this side of the Alps there was not a school or college in which it could be learned.
Its snow-clad mountains one hears so much about are only seen occasionally, and then in the distance, the Alps.
But you ought to be ashamed to be jawing here like this, in a red blanket, on a forty-foot scaffold on top of the Alps.
The highest telephone in the world is on the peak of Monte Rosa, in the Italian Alps, very nearly three miles above the level of the sea.
ALPS provides customized asset servicing and asset gathering solutions to the financial services community through an entrepreneurial culture based on the commitment to "Do Things Right.
Active Lifestyle Products and Services began with one brand, ALPS Mountaineering.
Temporary Assistant Chief Fire Officer Richard Fairhead said: "It's now been a complete financial year since the reduction of ALPs from four to three.
ALPS is excited to work with Goldman, Sachs & Co.
Ten Alps has disposed of the Asian firm to Karay Holdings Pte Ltd, controlled by Wong, for some GBP600,000 (USD941,000/EUR764,500) in cash as part of a strategy to offload non-core assets and focus on its key UK market.
Cynthia Caughey, tour designer, says, "The French Alps tour is the only tour of its kind, offering summertime sightseeing of the best of the French Alps.
Alps TuMR element consists of an insulating layer sandwiched between highly magnetic layers that, when applied with a magnetic field, exhibits a tunnel effect in which an electric signal runs through the insulating body.
Ten Alps said consoli- dation in the sector had a 'long way to go' as it battles with rivals such as Shed Productions and Wife Swap producer RDF Media for a greater share of contracts being handed out by the BBC and other broadcasters.
ALPS focuses its unlque technologies on five core business areas: Components, Magnetic Devices, Communications, Peripheral Products and Automotive Electronics.
This herbal mountain dew; genepy or genepi des Alpes, is known as a natural elixir indigenous to the western Alps.
In the early 20th century the Alps were no longer known for terrifying wildness and romantic sublimity but had become a center for TB sanatoriums and resorts for winter sports.