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Jason and Ashley were tested for Alport's Syndrome when they were born because Ann's father, uncle, aunt, sister and two cousins had it.
Lenticonus anterior and Alport's syndrome. Arch Ophthalmol.
Alport's syndrome, Goodpasture's syndrome, and type IV collagen.
Alport's syndrome, thin basement membrane nephropathy, nail-patella syndrome, and type III collagen glomerulopathy.
Alport's syndrome, which primarily affects boys, causes auditory nerve damage leading to deafness and kidney failure.
INTRODUCTION: Alport's syndrome is an inherited progressive renal disease that is accompanied by sensorineural hearing loss and ocular abnormalities that affects 1 in 50,000 live births.
On the basis of typical triad of positive family history, sensorineural deafness and medical renal disease diagnosis of Alport's syndrome made.
Debra, 37, was born with an inherited condition called Alport's Syndrome, which causes the kidneys to fail.
Making the diagnosis of Alport's syndrome. Kidney Int.
Molecular genetics and immunohistochemical study of autosomal recessive Alport's syndrome. J Am Kidney Dis.