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mountain climbing (not restricted to the Alps)

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For its location in a pleasant climate, the cave is one of the reasonable places in the city for spending free time along with communal alpinism especially during holidays.
In his speech at the closing ceremony in Chamonix, De Coubertin explained why the medal had been awarded to the expedition: "For the first time a gold medal is awarded for alpinism, and it is awarded to the glorious expedition to the Mount Everest.
He hopes to renew Irish interest in alpinism by telling the story of Irish alpinists from the mid-nineteenth century to 1921.
MOUNTAINEERING--"Mountaineering-ul, climbingul sau romanescul alpinism, presupune activitatea impatimitului de amestecare om-natura, de forta proprie si vointa." (
He later wrote comprehensively about it and is often considered the father of Alpinism.
For Arancio, it seems, mountains, volcanoes, and rocks are infused with Romantic ideas connected to what a historian might speak of as the simultaneous rise of Alpinism as a leisure pursuit and the popularization of geology as a discipline.
A memorial ceremony for the dead is due to be held on Tuesday in Chamonix, the French Alpine village that is considered the birthplace of European alpinism and the home of most of the French climbers killed.
Alpinism, climbing, hiking, trekking, ski, fast hiking are covered by the Millet range composed by jackets, pants, fleeces, soft shells, technical underwear, beanies, gloves, backpacks, ropes, sleeping bags, climbing shoes and shoes.
After all, in the history of alpinism, only few had ever succeeded in living the dream on a full-time basis.
In the last few years Tim has been at the forefront of para Alpinism, a sport in which the participant climbs with a BASE-jumping rig and on reaching the summit, jumps into a freefall to get back down.
No, not by you--by Joshua Butson, owner of Telluride Alpinism, who learned to build igloos from a guide who lived with Inuits in Quebec.
On the shore of the bigger lake is a mountain home with accommodation capacity of 50-100 beds and stunning terrains for trekking, alpinism and sports.
The summit, about 1,400 m elevation, is characterized by one somewhat rounded rock and two sharply pointed ones just accessible by the use of alpinism equipment.
As mountaineers struggled to come to terms with women, nature, and society, they developed a ritualistic approach to the sport of alpinism, as well as a convention for describing the sublime heights of the mountains.
Wigs, epidemics, torture, playing cards, chocolate, alpinism: there seems no limit to subject matter thought worthy of dissemination, as universal truths make way for post-modern ironies.