Alpinia purpurata

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an ornamental ginger native to Pacific islands

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Lengkuas, Alpinia purpurata Zingiberaceae Luyang pula K.
Evapotranspiracao e coeficientes de cultivo da Alpinia purpurata. Revista Ciencia Agronomica, v.39, p.481-486, 2008.
This year, the major attraction among the visitors was the Red-ginger flower (alpinia purpurata), a tropical flower, which has been introduced to many horticulturists of the state.
In related studies, essential oil from Alpinia purpurata with a-pinene, [beta]-pinene, and [beta]-caryophyllene as major constituents at a concentration of 100 ppm was reported to induce a strong oviposition deterrent response against Ae.
For example, immersion of red ginger flowers (Alpinia purpurata Vieill.
Flowering stems of Alpinia purpurata kept in distilled water are reported to undergo a reduction of FW over 16 days of vase life (Mattiuz et al., 2003).
wagneriana), 8 = Musa coccinea (scarlet banana), 9 = Alpinia purpurata (red ginger) TABLE 2.
(Brassicales: Moringaceae), and ginger lilies, Alpinia purpurata (Veill.) K.