Alpine glacier

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a glacier that moves down from a high valley

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DNA testing has shed light on Oetzi, a 3,500-year-old mummy found in an Alpine glacier in 1991.
These increases coincide with a total reduction in Alpine glacier volume of about 12% between 1999 and 2008, according to a report by Daniel Farinotti and colleagues in the August 2009 issue of Global and Planetary Change.
A Solihull woman was recovering in hospital in Austria last night after she was dramatically rescued from a crevasse on an Alpine glacier.
Experienced railroaders say this is the most scenic portion of the Alaska railroad with terrain from the coast of Turnagain Arm climbing to the alpine glacier country of Grandview.
Icemnan: Uncovering the Life and Times of a Prehistoric Man Found in an Alpine Glacier. Brenda Fowler.
Every alpine glacier is in retreat; the snows of Kilimanjaro will have vanished by 2015; and the Arctic ice cap is thinning fast-data collected by U.S.
Who knows what tales the Ice Man, found frozen in an alpine glacier in Europe a few years back (his bow and arrow with him), could have told.
Sediment concentration in melt waters as an indicator of erosion processes beneath an alpine glacier. Journal of Glaciology 23(89):247-257.
"Retreating glaciers, also resulting from rising temperatures, threaten sites such as Kilimanjaro National Park, which boasts Africa's highest peak, and the Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch, home to the largest Alpine glacier," said the report.
Researchers from University of Exeter and Austria said that the Alpine glacier loss in 2003 and floods caused by heavy rains in 2005, both due to climate changes, could pose serious dangers to life in the alpine regions.
London, June 05 (ANI): Man-made global warming may not be the only reason behind the receding of the Great Aletsch Glacier, which is the largest Alpine glacier, in Valais, Switzerland.
Among them were the two German tourists who found the Iceman in an Alpine glacier in 1991, surrounded by tools.
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