Alpine glacier

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a glacier that moves down from a high valley

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DNA testing has shed light on Oetzi, a 3,500-year-old mummy found in an Alpine glacier in 1991.
Who knows what tales the Ice Man, found frozen in an alpine glacier in Europe a few years back (his bow and arrow with him), could have told.
Researchers from University of Exeter and Austria said that the Alpine glacier loss in 2003 and floods caused by heavy rains in 2005, both due to climate changes, could pose serious dangers to life in the alpine regions.
The main zone at Pterd consists of a 150 m wide, approximately 1200 m long float train of highly radioactive boulders that lie atop an alpine glacier in a north facing cirque.
London, June 05 (ANI): Man-made global warming may not be the only reason behind the receding of the Great Aletsch Glacier, which is the largest Alpine glacier, in Valais, Switzerland.
Among them were the two German tourists who found the Iceman in an Alpine glacier in 1991, surrounded by tools.
Abundant boulders with fracture filling pitchblende are scattered across a 150 m width for a length of 1,000 m along the west side of an alpine glacier in a north facing cirque.
In 1962 Siffre spent 63 days 350ft under an Alpine glacier.
In this way, we can perhaps expect that melting Alpine glaciers will expose more--and earlier--human bodies, clothing and otherwise perishable materials in this 'natural freezer'.
According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, alpine glaciers around the globe have been in a state of "negative mass balance"--a condition in which melting exceeds snow accumulation--for 21 years.
Scientists say climate change is already visible in sea-level rise, loss of alpine glaciers and snow cover, shrinking Arctic summer sea ice, thawing permafrost, poleward migration of animals and plants and an increase in intense tropical cyclone activity in the North Atlantic.
Adding to this is what bothies are all about: a view of majestic mountain peaks piercing the blue sky, rugged and beautiful; a view of eerie Alpine glaciers spilling into the deep valleys below, and of steep rock faces rising and falling confidently alongside turquoise glacial rivers.
He says alpine glaciers are likely to lose most of their mass by 2100.
Such an attitude towards the region is unacceptable, given that the environmental disaster in the Aral Sea has reached the European countries - it is now known that the Aral Sea salt was found on the alpine glaciers.