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a garden featuring rocks


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Rock or alpine gardens make a stunning feature and work well on poor soil
is national show, which will be held on Saturday, April 4, is organised and hosted by the Cleveland Group of the Alpine Garden Society.
All are pretty with their dainty bell-shaped flowers, but a few are thugs and should be kept well out of your alpine garden.
Half-way up, the Alpine Garden forms a natural balcony overlooking the Borromean Islands.
Published by the Alpine Garden Society at pounds 12.
BEST OF THE BUNCH - Daphne IF YOU'RE longing for rich winter fragrance and some pretty flowers, look no further than this shrub, which comes in both evergreen and deciduous varieties and can be small enough for the alpine garden or big enough for the shrub border.
Use well rotted farm manure or straw in a vegetable patch, grit or gravel in an alpine garden or leaf mould in woodlands.
The gardens in Westbourne Road, Edgbaston, needs the money to restore the "cascade" feature on its rockery, the Alpine Garden.
This is a garden that is well worth a visit and since last year's judging, the Peckhams have removed a shrub border and were intending to make an alpine garden.
Small will show images of that garden as well as ones from the Betty Ford Alpine Garden in Vail, Colo.
Isham inherited his mother's love of gardening and created the earliest alpine garden in England -a 24ft tall rockery -at Lamport Hall in Northampton.
Today North East England Alpine Garden Society, spring show of bulbs, plants, shrubs and alpines, entry PS3, Wentworth Leisure Centre, Hexham, 10am-4pm.
ALPINE GARDEN SOCIETY: The Cleveland Group of the Alpine Garden Society is holding its national show on Easter Saturday, April 7, at Ian Ramsay C of E School (North Site) in Fairfield, between noon and 4pm.
Friends of Treborth Botanic Garden and North Wales Branch of the Alpine Garden Society present the 2012 Len Beer Lecture, 7.
Organiser Marie McGarvey, who will be 50 in January, features in a wheelbarrow as Miss February in a photograph taken weeks later in the Alpine Garden of nearby Lissadell House.