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Remember, though, that there are different "types" of alpine country. Some terrain above the timberline is mostly vertical and rocky, while other areas provide beautiful alpine basins and traversable open expanses.
Speaking about the opportunity to exhibit, Jane Lowe, who owns Alpine Country Homes, had the following to say:
More and more companies are flocking to the wealthy Alpine country to stock data in an era of increasing espionage and hacking, and the Swiss are reaping the benefits of the paranoia.
In 2004, this small alpine country hosted a major men's handball event for the first time -- and they made the best of it.
The United States and European Union -- of which Switzerland is not a member -- have repeatedly pushed the Alpine country to give ground as they try to crack down on tax cheats who stash cash abroad.
The European Alpine country sold 8.8 billion Swiss francs (9.9
Now the Alpine country is marketing another national symbol to the Chinese - skiing.
The Republic of Slovenia is an alpine country which has been a hub between the Slavic, German and Latin cultures, and is home to more than 50,000 Muslims, approximately 2 per cent of the country's two million people.
They charged nine people Thursday, including the vice governor of the alpine country's national bank, with a criminal conspiracy that saw them pay bribes and launder money in exchange for contracts.
The challenge for the Alpine country, once a model of socialism, is to prevent an international bailout.
In its Austrian Banking System Outlook report, the agency said that some of the Alpine country's largest banks faced a number of challenges in its Central and Eastern European operations.
WITH its healthy climate, fresh air, mountains and lakes, the Alpine country of Switzerland is an attractive package when it comes to wellness and medical tourism and recent figures indicate it's only going to get more popular.
That is because a small town in the alpine country is braced for the visit of Santa Claus - or whole ranks of Santas to be more accurate.
The neutral Alpine country, which requires its banks to report accounts of suspicious origin, says it has restored a total of $1.7 billion embezzled by strongmen including th e late Fer dinand Marcos of the Philippines and Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire.