Norway spruce

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tall pyramidal spruce native to northern Europe having dark green foliage on spreading branches with pendulous branchlets and long pendulous cones


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The front is of alpine spruce while the back is of a single piece of maple, and its almost complete coating of Stradivari's varnish has remained in a remarkably pure and undamaged state.
These radiocarbon dates are distributed over virtually the entire Holocene, and about 50% represent wood pieces buried in the soil underneath the canopy of living subalpine and alpine spruce clones of the krummholz type (Kullman, 2000).
The soothing fragrance of natural lavender or even the fresh scent of real alpine spruce fills the warm cubicle.
The cool September air was fresh, pure, tinged with the scent of alpine spruce. Everything in this particular corner of the Montana wilderness was exactly what the bowhunter had expected - and much more.
I also use alpine spruce for the top of the instrument, ebony for the fingerboard and balsa wood for the chin rest and pegs.