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"The Alps are crucial in terms of water supply, not only to the eight alpine countries, but to a huge part of continental Europe, feeding many of the major rivers," said the EEA.
The boffins at Where to Ski and Snowboard have been digging around the weather statistics from Alpine countries, and have found some surprises.
The observatory, set up under the EU-Switzerland inland transport agreement, will centralise statistics from surveys and studies carried out in the various Alpine countries. The EU and Switzerland will thus have at their disposal the information needed in the event of transit problems or disturbances affecting trans-Alpine traffic, in order to be able to decide on appropriate measures.
While normally at this time of year the advantage of near-empty pistes is offset by slushy conditions and closed ski lifts, this season's record-breaking snowfalls mean reasonable skiing is forecast until next month in many Alpine countries.
There are people who have an inexplicable ability to detect subterranean currents of water or (especially in the Alpine countries) crystals and veins of precious ore, and Szeemann was like that--a kind of dowser of artistic energy.
The hotel is named for the edelweiss flower, which has been a symbol of prestige for the alpine countries of Austria, Switzerland and Germany for hundreds of years.
Representatives from all the alpine countries met at the beginning of May in the town of Amden, canton St Gallen, to discuss ways of monitoring and managing the lynx population.
Sir Ludwig was opposed to skiing's functional classification system that had been developed in Scandinavia and the Alpine countries, one that mixed diagnosis groups.
The Alpine countries got acquainted with the intricacies of trade in fish--be it in the Baltic Sea, or off the coast of Norway and Iceland.
In Scandinavia, and Alpine countries this doesn't happen, so why should it here?
The national team boss knows exactly what it will take for his players to overcome the odds and book a return ticket to the Alpine countries in two years time.