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Alpine choughs, Pyrrhocorax graculus also inhabit the Himalaya.
Setting [??] = [m.sub.w] = 11 kg, the mass of a whooper swan, and making allowances for variations in a, the maximum value of [chi] at which flight is possible at this altitude is 42.8 [m.sup.3] [s.sup.-3] [kg.sup.-1/2] for whooper swans, 34.1-39.8[m.sup.3] [s.sup.-3][kg.sup.-1/2] for bar-headed geese and 22.4-34.6 [m.sup.3] [s.sup.-3] [kg.sup.-1/2] for Alpine choughs. Results for various species are presented in Fig.
Once there, they encounter a fabulous wilderness of glacial beauty where jet-black Alpine choughs soar against a backdrop of seemingly unassailable peaks.
So the chapel stands there, a container for congregation and love of God, brave and dignified against the elements; a skylark sings far overhead, and alpine choughs cough throatily as they soar in the dizzy air over the valley.