Alphonse Bertillon

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French criminologist (1853-1914)


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In the 1880s, when a French crime fighter named Alphonse Bertillon pioneered the mug shot as a unique form of portraiture, the photographs he took were expected to do one thing: Help establish an individual's identity at a time when driver's licenses, fingerprint files, and Facebook pages didn't exist.
The work of Cesare Lombroso, Alphonse Bertillon (the creator of the "mug shot"), and Thomas Byrnes dominate the chapter.
Within his office at Calcutta, Henry grew increasingly disquieted over the existing system of identifying criminals, a method devised by Alphonse Bertillon, Prefect of Police in Paris, in the 1880s and adopted by many police forces around the world.
The best thing in "I & A" is a cabinet of photographs of arrestees at a Paris police station, made by Alphonse Bertillon in 1890, which proves conclusively that nonart made at the behest of bad science (in this case, the visual study of "criminal types") is much more powerful as ironic post-Modern art than .
Photographs and demonstrational objects that were made and used as part of the anthropometric work of Alphonse Bertillon, Cesare Lombroso, and other 19th-century scientists turn out to be visually potent in an art context; "Identity and Alterity" presents them, in fact, as models some Modern artists followed.