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an electronic device that generates a series of beeps when the person carrying it is being paged


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The annunciators provide audible and visual fault indicators, and can be upgraded to provide alphanumeric paging.
Some answering services also provide alphanumeric paging services.
By the time text-receiving pagers were introduced, Goodfellow had risen to researcher at SRI, where he developed a software gateway to translate and route e-mail between SRI's computer and the alphanumeric paging network.
Cleveland Mold & Die Inc (CMD), a manufacturer of die-casting dies, plastic injection molds, and trim dies located in Cleveland, OH, uses an alphanumeric paging system to help monitor on-line machine tools as well as environmental conditions in the plant.
Alphanumeric paging and two-way messaging services support very large numbers of mobiles on each channel.
The pager, no longer just a beeper, is a powerful, time-saving business tool with innovative features such as alphanumeric paging, voice mail, and interisland and nationwide paging.
Other system features include support for alphanumeric paging and the ability to route specific alarms to the appropriate person.
Blaupunkt's Radiophone fits into the standard car radio opening, and its radio tuning buttons double as the keypad for dialing phone numbers and entering alphanumeric paging and text messages.
This review focuses on alphanumeric paging and pagers.