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It was in chronological and alphabetic order, complete with their fathers' names, their professions, places of residence and charges against them.
It will probably be based on alphabetic order so that on the first of the month only those with their surnames beginning with "A" will be seen on that day, on the second the "B" and so on.
He employs the Mollendorf system of Romanization, with all entries in alphabetic order. The dictionary is one-way, from Manchu to English, there being little call today to translate English to Manchu.
From a dataset of the 92 most important airlines in term of financial revenues, the top ten airlines 2012 (2010 data) from the holistic safety profiles are (by alphabetic order): Air Canada, Air France-KLM, AMR Corp.
Cynics point to the desire of Myanmar to host the 2014 ASEAN summit, which they did not do in 2006 when their first turn was scheduled, assigned through alphabetic order, as a prime motivating factor.
The top ten airlines 2011 (2009 data) from the holistic safety profiles are (by alphabetic order): Air France-KLM, AMR Corporation (American Airlines and American Eagles), British Airways, Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines, Japan Airlines, Lufthansa, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines and US Airways.
So (in alphabetic order), artificial lighting means "lighting designed and deployed by a human(s) to accomplish certain goals"; daylighting is understood as "lighting from the sun designed and deployed by a human(s) to accomplish certain design criteria"; light pollution is understood as "light, often designed and deployed by humans, that has an effect offensive/injuri-ous to someone or is contrary to accepted standards." Therefore, a result of "sunlight pollution" could be ...
He was standing near Iran's seats which were close to those of Lebanon, because of the alphabetic order, and congratulated him on his speech, and told him that it was better than many Arab speeches I heard.
In the variant 1, for all three languages there is some deviation from the alphabetic order as shown in Table 2.
Suggested subject headings are listed in alphabetic order for quick and easy reference; an exhaustive preface section entitled "Principles of the Sears List" guides librarians and data workers of all skill and experience levels in the effective use of this resource.
The second section, Mahamid-i-Khataman Nabiyin is in Urdu verse with the inclusion of several unpublished ghazals, qasidas, manqabats, mutla's leading up to the divan with its alphabetic order of radif starting from alif and ending in ya.
I have listed them in alphabetic order rather in the order in which they went to study.
He informed that the catalogue provides index of the data in an alphabetic order, which is unique as it could not be found in any other public university in the province.
Each political party standing for these EU elections are placed in alphabetic order so Ukip comes last in the available list.
Over 180 composers are presented in alphabetic order; each entry includes brief biographic information and selected major works, as well as bibliographic information or online resources where available.