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Hydrops fetalis resulting from Hb Bart's disease and molecular characterization of Hb H disease in Turkey have been reported (5); however, the prevalence and distribution of deletional alpha-thalassemia, which is responsible for Hb Bart's disease, is not known.
Alpha-thalassemia is usually inherited in an autosomal recessive manner.
Alpha-thalassemia depresses only the production of the alpha chains, and beta-thalassemia depresses only the production of the beta chains.
In this study, we used the automatic HPLC system set up with the alpha-thalassemia short (ATS) program that we developed and with the beta-thalassemia short (BTS) program to detect various types of thalassemias in both prenatal and postnatal specimens.
I read the article on the "The incidence of alpha-thalassemia in Iraqi Turks".
Alpha-thalassemia affects the synthesis of alpha globin chains, and the severity of disease is dependent on the extent of gene deletion.
Investigators also confirmed that the alpha-thalassemia trait is associated with a reduced stroke risk.
Alpha-thalassemia commonly occurs in Southeast Asian, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern populations (1).
Evaluation of a single-tube multiplex polymerase chain reaction screen for detection of common alpha-thalassemia genotypes in a clinical laboratory.
We excluded those with alpha-thalassemia or other hemoglobinopathies.