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a positively charged particle that is the nucleus of the helium atom

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Synchronous measurements of alpha-decay of 239 Pu carried out at north pole, antarctic, and in Puschino confirm that the shapes of the respective histograms depend on the diurnal rotation of the earth and on the direction of the alpha-particle beam.
842 fm and forming a closed system as a whole, in fact, the alpha-particles radius will be 2.
Therefore, we can assume that the protons of alpha-particles leaving the nucleus are associated with the second electron shell (the first one has only two electrons).
When the transfer of energy from the center and from the inner envelopes to the periphery occurs, alpha-particles leaving the nucleus surface have the energy excess equal to the energy difference between the corresponding levels, i.
Experiments with rotating collimators cutting out pencil of alpha-particles at radioactive decay of Pu-239 evidence sharp anisotropy of space.
Experiments with collimators that allow studies of alpha-particle beams with definite directions indicate that this regularity is related to non-uniformity (anisotropy) of space [1,6].