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radioactive decay of an atomic nucleus that is accompanied by the emission of an alpha particle

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These measured chains of alpha-decays produced isotopes of lighter elements with atomic numbers 115 to 103, whose registration added to the proof for the observation of element 117.
Because the very different scales of energies in the registered processes (Brownian motion, visible light, alpha-decay), the registered effects can not be explained by "external influences" on these processes.
during measurements in Antarctic and in Puschino, Moscow Region) observed during measurements of alpha-decay of [sup.239]Pu, depends on the spatial orientation of the collimators [1, 3, 5].
Regularities of histogram shape changes at measurements of light flux intensity fluctuations were shown to be absolutely the same as those at measurements of radioactive alpha-decay. Use of this fact makes it possible to increase substantially accuracy of spatial resolution at increase of a light beam and to set out a lot of other experiment versions.
6-8 present results of "palindrome effect" examination at measurements of fluctuations of intensities of light beam and [sup.239]Pu alpha-decay in two ways: at expert (visual) estimation of histograms similarity (Fig.
The specific form of histograms presenting the distribution of data of alpha-decay measurements appears simultaneously in the moment of New Moon in different points from Arctic to Antarctic.