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a fat-soluble vitamin that is essential for normal reproduction

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Treatment of these low birth weight infants with low to moderate doses of vitamin E was found to inhibit development of hemolytic anemia in these infants.36 In another study, treatment with alpha tocopherol (25 IU/day) along with iron supplementation (5 mg/kg/day) significantly improved anemia in preterm neonates.37
Data from 561 participants were analyzed (52 were excluded because of lack of follow-up data) and found that ADCS-ADL inventory scores declined by 3.15 units in the alpha tocopherol group compared with the placebo group.
Unfortunately, studies show that high intakes of alpha tocopherol suppress blood and tissue levels of the more important gamma tocopherol.
Effect of alpha tocopherol succinate on lipid peroxidation in equine spermatozoa.
High blood levels of selenium may reduce the incidence of both BCC and SCC by about 60%, whereas serum concentrations of carotenoids or alpha tocopherol are not associated with later skin cancer incidence.
The animals were treated with 30 ml of Lenovo I.U (a) (Levofloxacin 20 mg/ml and Alpha tocopherol 5mg/ml) infused intrauterine for three consecutive days.
The concentrations of alpha tocopherol, retinol and Se in the plasma of buffalo calves in different treatments are presented in Table 2.
As it relates to the SELECT study on alpha tocopherol and/or selenium, the study participants' diet was not taken into consideration.
Concentrations of alpha tocopherol in plasma decrease significantly with fish oil supplementation.
Synthetic alpha tocopherol shown to increase prostate cancer risk.
Vitamin E is particularly under study, because by its structure, alpha tocopherol should, theoretically, be the most effective antioxidant.
Dietary alpha tocopherol attenuates the impact of gamma tocotrienol on hepatic 3-hydroxy-3methylglutaryl coenzyme A reductase activity in chickens.
Immune Response and Plasma Alpha Tocopherol and Selenium Status of Male Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) Calves Supplemented with Vitamin E and Selenium.
Autoxidation of lipids and antioxidation by alpha tocopherol and ubiquinol in aqueous dispersion of lipids.