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a positively charged particle that is the nucleus of the helium atom

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Alpha particles are produced when O-16 atoms split.
The isotope, Radium 224, releases atoms that diffuse inside a tumor and then emit their own alpha particles. This approach requires far fewer alpha particles to kill a tumor.
They cover machine architecture and objectives; a magnetohydrodynamic description of the equilibrium and heating of the thermal plasma; Alfven cavity modes, fast ions, alpha particles, and diagnostic neutral beams; turbulent transport from the temperature gradients; operational regimes and their properties; transport barriers and edged localized modes control; steady-state operation; plasma diagnostics; plasma facing components and plasma-wall interaction physics; and the broader approach and tritium breeding blankets.
The particles that are emitted are either alpha particles, beta particles or gamma rays.
5.2 The binding energy of deuterium, tritium and alpha particles
Mann, Backscattering of alpha particles from thick metal backings as a function of atomic weights, Int.
In order to investigate a particular material, the device bombards its surface with alpha particles and X-rays.
It detects radiation such as alpha particles, beta particles and gamma rays using the ionization produced in a Geiger--ME-ller tube, which gives its name to the instrument.
As it can be seen in the radon decay chain, number of alpha particles emitted in this chain is high and given that alpha particle considered as one of the most dangerous particles resulted from decays so this gas can be considered as one of the dangerous radioactive gases.
Boot-strapping results when alpha particles, helium nuclei produced in the deuterium-tritium (DT) fusion process, deposit their energy in the DT fuel, rather than escaping.
With prolonged chronic intake, absorption of [.sup.210]Po through the digestive tract may increase sharply (Moroz and Parfenov 1972), possibly because of damage to the intestinal wall through persistent bombardment by alpha particles.
If you had three cookies-one that emits alpha particles, one that emits beta particles, and one that emits gamma rays-which one would you eat, which would you hold, and which would you put in your pocket?