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a carnival performer who does disgusting acts

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The engineers on hand weren't high-powered "car guys" but soft-spoken Alpha Geeks of the sort that have emerged as the Valley's dominant species.
Boxee found eager adopters in hipsters and hobbyists ('alpha geeks,' as co-founder and CEO Avner Ronen called them)," wrote Dreier in "The Long Sad Tale of Boxee: A Look Back."
"We've developed one of the most concentrated collections of alpha geeks on the planet," said Mike Hendrickson, vice president and open technology exchange general manager.
The editor of a consumer technology magazine was quoted recently as saying that he thought 'gadget' companies could save a lot of money on R & D and come out with better products if they released them to 'alpha geeks' for a few months and let them play around--or tinker--with those products.
What alpha geeks do today can radically alter the future of technology for everyone else tomorrow, and transmitting the knowledge of these innovators to a wider audience is one way of getting important-and ftm-products and services into our hands sooner rather than later.