alpha decay

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radioactive decay of an atomic nucleus that is accompanied by the emission of an alpha particle

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A window was set at the uppermost region to include the major portion of the LS response due to the alpha emission, which encompassed the evident and predominant alpha peak.
Although hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, the so-called Lyman alpha emission of hydrogen, lying at far UV wavelengths, had up to now escaped detection in the vicinity of the Solar System.
Currently adopted models for Chernobyl dose estimates ignore contributions from alpha emissions even though they are known to have relative biological effectiveness (RBE) about 20 times larger than that of most radioactive beta and gamma radiation (Fairlie and Sumner 2006; International Commission on Radiological Protection 1991; UNSCEAR 2000).
Current assay methods of LAL utilize large area (1000 [cm.sup.2]) flowing-has detectors (FGD)which detect gross alpha emissions from samples.
Nussbaum makes three points, namely that on the basis of the "source term" for the Chernobyl accident population, doses are underestimated by a factor up to 26, that Chernobyl dose estimates ignore exposure to alpha emissions, and that excess perinatal mortality and morbidity have been widely observed outside the main contaminated regions.