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the quality of allowing light to pass diffusely

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Here are some new features WFX's attendees can expect to test drive at EasyWorship's booth: spell check, a new Presentation Designer with customizable Themes, controls for transparency, reflections, and shadows, the ability to stack multiple text boxes, video elements and graphics on a slide, QuickTime integration (no need for third party codecs), full support for PowerPoint, support for transparent PNG's (watermarking), Alpha Channel integration and NewTek TriCaster HD multi-camera live production system support.
64-bit Chrome for OS X has been in development since 2009 and is yet to make it to the alpha channel, but presumably the pace might pick up a bit now that the Windows version is out of the door.
Alpha Channel's content is made up of 80 percent Greek-language programming; the rest is comprised of telenovelas and feature films.
The application works in 32 bit mode (RGB + alpha channel) and imports most popular image formats like BMP, JPG, GIF and WMF.
In compliance with the new icon format introduced by Windows XP (32bit color with 8 bit alpha channel), IconXP enables the user to create icons that contain a smooth edge over any background.
Turn away from the 'pink' television screens." On Friday, the Alpha channel announced the indefinite suspension of Jungle and its sister show Yellow Press.