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the quality of allowing light to pass diffusely

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DXT5: DXT5 converts each block of 16 pixels into 128 bits and is composed of 64 bits of alpha channel data and 64 bits of color data.
264 specification allows for an alpha channel, but I have yet to see any encoder or decoder support it.
The hardware provides Alpha channel, fades, mixes and wipes, supers (in crawl and scroll modes), advanced frame capture for complex graphics, four-level keying, 90-degree image mirroring, and scalable digital video in 1/256th window-frame increments.
Lifelike detail through new features such as alpha channel support, ambient occlusion, per-pixel lighting and depth-of-field functionality.
The sample blends the alpha channel the same for both over- and under-blending; they both simply scale the destination alpha by the pixel shader alpha.
You get HD footage from only 9 E, and the growing collection covers a wide range of categories from all over the world, including people and lifestyle, nature and travel, time lapse, animations, motion video backgrounds and alpha channel clips.
Color supported - up to 24-bit (8-bit red, 8-bit blue, 8-bit green) + alpha channel (8-bit opacity control and anti-aliasing)
Clips are downloadable in QuickTime alpha channel file format.