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the quality of allowing light to pass diffusely

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Incorporating powerful 2D and 3D rendering engines, cached local texture memory, and on-chip DMA, VGA and setup, the REALimage 2000 architecture supports any combination of robust graphics features (lighting, Z-buffering, alpha blending, window clipping, etc.
Rounding out its LCD display offerings, Actel has worked with its partners to offer a broad range of reference blocks that include video timing generation, color conversion, single-channel LVDS transmitter, on-screen display, alpha blending of two image/video source, frame grabber, frame buffer, frame rate conversion, and color management functionality.
ImpressionCreator supports fluid animations, alpha blending, sound effects, and more.
The MB86276 provides all of the 2D capabilities of the MB96296 3D GDC, including texture mapping, alpha blending, Gouraud shading, flat shading and the innovative dual-display output.
Enhancing video and graphics display functions such as: video overlay display, alpha blending, ZV port video input, and LCD/CRT display * Reducing power consumption with Silicon Motion's ReduceOn(TM) technology * Improving real-time responsiveness
Video functions will include NTSC TV resolution output (720x480) of MPEG-1/2, DVD-video or video CD playback, and features 8-bit alpha blending of on-screen display and graphics information.
This book really has it all from rasterization techniques, lighting models, Z, 1/Z buffering, MipMapping, affine, perspective corrected texturing with approximations, bilinear and trilinear filtering, alpha blending techniques for real-time, camera models, shadow generation, light mapping, BSPs, Octrees, occlusion culling, basic MD2 character animation, optimization theory, and a lot more.
The digital video keying supports a number of video mixing modes to support anti-aliased graphics and alpha blending.
Orchid supports alpha blending, anti-aliasing, chroma-keying and picture-in-picture functions for video image display, using a dedicated W-layer.
com), has launched a new version of its Cobra quad-video windows solution, which supports alpha blending and cross mixing of selected video inputs.