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the quality of allowing light to pass diffusely

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Alpha blending is an operation that combines a new pixel (foreground) with an existing pixel on the screen (background) to create an effect of partial to full transparency, where the value of alpha defines the level of transparency (Equation 1).
Fully customizable LCD controller with the ability to drive different display panels regardless of interface, resolution or manufacturer; LCD controller supporting timing generation, color space conversion and alpha blending; LCD backlight control; and Hardware acceleration using FPGA fabric, providing tight integration of processor system and programmable logic.
functions (dedicated alpha blending, shading; enlargement/
Viewing modes include full infrared, full visible light, picture-in-picture, alpha blending, and IR/visible alarm.
'Alpha Blending' combines visible and infrared images in any ratio.
The most popular of which is that WindowBlinds can support alpha blending in skins (glass effects and other visual enhancements in title bars and controls) as well as animation, shadows, sound effects, and more.