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the brightest star in Virgo

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The bright white magnitude one star alpha Virginis, better known as Spica, is said to represent the germ of the wheat grain.
In 2013 the Moon occults Spica (alpha Virginis) on thirteen occasions, Venus once (Sep 08), Jupiter twice (Jan 22 & Feb 18), Saturn twice (Dec 01 & Dec 29), Vesta once (Feb 18) and Juno once (Oct 13).
The name derived from his breeding, as he was by Grand Colours out of Alpha Virginis. In those days the registration authorities were less sensitive, and such names were by no means rare.
The original meaning of the Sumerian word ab-sm was "furrow": The Sumerians thought of the ecliptic as a celestial plow-furrow and our Alpha Virginis as a seed-grain planted in in it.
September 8--daylight occultation of Spica (alpha Virginis)