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Comparison of haemoglobin H inclusion bodies with embryonic zeta globin in screening for alpha thalassaemia. J Clin Pathol.
This type of anaemia is called as alpha thalassaemia. In case if beta chains are not formed or proportionately formed less than alpha chains, uncoupled alpha chains will disturb oxygen carrying capacity and internal environment of red cells leading to early breakdown.
Foetuses with the most severe form of Alpha Thalassaemia are stillborn, whereas babies carried to term and born with the disease appear normal but develop severe anaemia during the first year of life.
Further, 48 per cent of Omanis carry alpha thalassaemia, 2.61 per cent are infected with beta thalassaemia, 5.7 per cent have sickle cell disease and 1 per cent carry a gene for other variants of sickle cell, Dr Salam Al Kindi, head of the Haematology Department at Sultan Qaboos University Hospital, told Times of Oman.