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the brightest star in Leo

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a genus of birds of the family Sylviidae including kinglets

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Alpha Leonis is a very bright star and usually goes by the name Regulus - Latin for "the little prince".
The head of Leo contains a compact group of four galaxies, designated Hickson 44, that resides almost halfway between Zeta ([zeta] and Alpha Leonis. The edge-on galaxy NGC 3190 is one of the brighter members of the group that lies almost 80 million light-years away from us.
Of the two galaxies, Leo I (UGC 5470) is the easier to locate, in fact it is probably the easiest galaxy in the entire sky to locate as it lies just 20 arcmin north of mag 1.4 Regulus (alpha Leonis) at RA 10h 08.5min and Dec +12[degrees] 18.5' (2000.0).
So in the constellation of Leo (the Lion), the brightest star is listed as Alpha Leonis, the second brightest star is Beta Leonis, and the third brightest star is Gamma Leonis.