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supergiant star 650 light years from Earth

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Canopus, the sky's second-brightest star, was renamed from Alpha Argus Navis to Alpha Carinae. Carina also inherited Argo's Beta star, leaving Gamma Velorum and Zeta Puppis as the brightest stars in their respective constellations.
In Division D it was a triple treat for Damian Barker and his Sydney 36CR Alpha Carinae who won their final race and thus claimed the divisional series win and walked away with the keys to the Range Rover Evoque for the week.
Some 1,300 light-years away (certainly the most distant of the brighter stars in Lepus), Alpha is a supergiant of spectral class F, much like Canopus (Alpha Carinae) to its south.
Online (Stephen Trevillion) won PHS Division 1 from UBS Wild Thing (Geoff Lavis) and OCL Too with Outlandish (Sean Barrett) winning PHS Division 2 from Alpha Carinae (Damian Barker) and Limelight (Alan Husband)
In SOPS Division 2, Outlandish (Sean Barrett) won the PHS category from Alpha Carinae (Damian Barker) and Velocity (Brian Carrick).