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a town in northern Michigan on an arm of Lake Huron

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He has worked in various churches, particularly in the Cincinnati area, with the Alpena All Saints' project his most ambitious effort to date.
Alpena Regional has become the fifth Medical Center in the MidMichigan Health system.
The Alpena facility is the primary producer of beef jerky, while Minong specializes in steaks.
We are honored that they chose the Alpena Cancer Center as a beneficiary of this event," said Karmon Bjella, chief executive officer, Alpena Regional Medical Center.
Department of Energy grant and a $4 million grant from the State of Michigan, the API Alpena Biorefinery will demonstrate the conversion of hemicelluloses extracted from woody biomass, to fermentable sugars that can be used for production of ethanol.
Alpena Magic will now be an 'equine ambassador', working with children at Ellis, where the track runs a kids' programme.
# Alpena County Regional Airport, Mich., DSN 741-3203, commercial (989) 354-6203.
He cut his teeth in the hardboard industry in 1953 and assisted in the start up of Abitibi's hardboard Alpena, MI, plant four years later.
DAVID FRASER Alpena, Michigan I probably had not looked at Mother Jones since the last time we had a President Bush.
Alpena Community College in Alpena will conduct safety seminars in manufacturing, construction, health services and maintenance.
This new planting project was concentrated in Alcona, Montmorency, Oscoda, Presque Isle and Alpena counties, where Michigan DNR wildlife feeding practices have been curtailed due to an outbreak of bovine tuberculosis.
(Alpena, Mich.), a machine-tool rebuilder and producer of specialized automotive cutting machines.
Two Alpena, Mich., men have sued their insurance company after being denied coverage for damages that occurred when they set a fire in their store.
On my list of nicknames were Cold Ham (a cook), Tame Ape Cooligan (an irascible foreman), Dakota Yon (as my coworkers pronounced John), Snoose-Juice Johnson, and Alpena Slim.