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group 1 which is constituted of Alosa Alosa, Alosa fallax, Mugil cephalus, are clearly marginalized.
American shad, a North American Alosa species most closely related to the Alabama shad, has a fecundity range estimated from 20,226-69,887 oocytes/kg of somatic weight with diameter measurements from 0.
Alosa mediocris (Mitchill): Hickory Shad; no account in text, Plate XXIX (Fig.
ALOSA sons de la natura Audio CD & booklet: 46 pp.
256) There are several private organizations dedicated to providing nonbiased information on prescription drugs, including The Independent Drug Information Service, the Alosa Foundation, the Drug Effectiveness and Review Project, and the Pew Prescription Project.
The Alabama shad, Alosa alabamae, is an anadromous species that has declined drastically throughout the freshwater portion of its range during the past several decades.
The Latin name for American shad, Alosa sopidissimo, translates to "most savory.
Ultrastructural study of the spermatozoon of Pronoprymna ventricosa (Digenea, Baccigerinae), parasite of the twaite shad Alosa fallax Lacepede (Pisces, Teleostei).
Fue hija primogenita de don Juan de Venegas de Valenzuela (1654-1695), I conde de Val del Aguila (3), y de dona Maria Antonia del Aguila y Alosa.
Purper 1974: Cythereis ilosvayi (Daday) Muller, 1912; Cytheridella ilosvayi Daday, Klie, 1930; Onychocythere alosa Tressler, 1939,Metacypris?
Alosa sapidissima--"Fishermen told us that the Shad ascends the Ocmulgee River as far as the Shoals.
Lab tests show that Alosa sapidissima, the American shad--a small fish related to herring--can hear frequencies as high as 180 kilohertz.