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The alewife (Alosa pseudoharengus) and blueback herring (Alosa aestivalis), collectively called river herring, were once important target species of commercial and recreational fisheries along the Atlantic coast of the United States and Canada.
Dip trol aglariyla baslica mezgit (Merlangius merlangus), barbunya (Mullus barbatus) ayni zamanda kalkan (Scophthalmus maximus) gibi demersal baliklarin yanisira henuz eseysel olgunluk boyuna ulasmamis kucuk boydaki luferler (Pomatomus saltatrix), istavrit (Trachurus mediterraneus) ve tirsi (Alosa sp.) gibi pelajik baliklar da ikincil hedef tur olarak avlanmaktadir (Sekil 3).
(148) See, e.g., Hare et al., supra note 145, at 22 ("Alewife [(Alosa pseudoharengus)] and American Shad [(Alosa sapidissima)] have exhibited some of the greatest shifts in distribution in the ecosystem, but the potential for a change in species distribution was low.").
The most important commercial bony fish of the Caspian Sea are Rutilus frisii kutum (Caspian kutum), Liza aurata (Golden grey mullet), Liza saliens (Leaping grey mullet), Sander lucioperca (Pikeperch), Cyprinus carpio (European carp), Rutilus rutilus (Roach), species of genus Alosa (Caspian shads), Abramis brama (bream), Chalcalburnus chalcoides (Caspian shamaya) and Vimba vimba (Caspian vimba).
Seven species are observed in lentic environment (Micropterus salmoides, Aristichtys nobilis, Carassius auratus, Ctenopharyngodon idella, Cyprinus carpio specularis, Hypophtalmichthys molitrix, Sander lucioperca), four in lotic environment (Alosa Alosa, Alosa fallax, Mugil cephalus, Petromyzon marinus) and five are common to both environments (Anguilla Anguilla, Barbus setivimensis, Cyprinus carpio carpio, Rutilus rutilus, Alburnus alburnus).
Extirpation of Polyodon spatula, Alosa sapidissima, Moxostoma lacerum, and Sander glacum occurred; however, A.
Alabama shad (Alosa alabamae), classified as a Species of Concern by the National Marine Fisheries Service, are native to the northern Gulf of Mexico drainages.
(47.) Baumhauer J, Alosa D, Renstrom P, Trevino S, Beynnon B.
Age determination of shad (Alosa pontica (Eichwald 1838) inhabiting the Black Sea.
Elopidae 180 XXVI(2) smithi Esox affinis* Esox niger Esocidae 198 XXVII(1) Esox ravenelii* Esox americanus Esocidae 201 XXVII(2) Trachinotus Trachinotus goodei Carangidae 192 XXVIII(1) glaucus* Huenudon ?Haemdon striatum Haemulidae 195 XXVIII(2) quadrilineatum* Not in text Alosa mediocris Clupeidae XXIX(1) Not in text AIosa sapidissima Clupeidae XXX(2) Not in text Brevoortia lyrannus Clupeidae XXX(1) Not in text Dorosoma cepedianum Clupeidae XXX(2) *Plate number in text does not agree with number on plate.
The fishery is managed under the New England Fishery Management Council's Northeast Multispecies FMR Monitoring efforts focus on both protected species bycatch and on incidental bycatch of river herring, Alosa pseudoharengus, and haddock, Melanogrammus aeglefinus.
Genetic diversity and differentiation in a wide ranging anadromous fish, American shad (Alosa sapidissima), is correlated with latitude.
Ohne weiteres konnen solche Belege angefuhrt werden, bei denen an Stelle der traditionellen volkssprachlichen Bezeichnung die Lehnubersetzung bevorzugt wurde, so wie etwa der zur Familie der Heringe zahlende vintraim (Alosa fallax fallax) vom russ.