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annual or perennial grasses including decorative and meadow species as well as notorious agricultural weeds

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The study was Cambisols L., Dactylis glomerata conducted in an L., Phleum pratensis experimental plot L., Alopecurus established in a 66-year- pratensis L., old pasture used since Elytrigija repens (L.) 1946.
Especie indicadora adicional que tambien caracteriza esta comunidad es Alopecurus aequalis.
Percent composition in the diet for each food species was 59.9% common reed, 12.7% water pennywort, 6.3% giant reed, 6.1% spikerush, 4.8% bermudagrass, 2.0% water hyssop, 0.9% foxtail (Alopecurus sp.), 0.7% flatsedge (Cyperus sp.), and 6.6% unidentified fragments (Table 1).
Grasses: Phleum alpinum, Agrostis gigantean, Trisetum spp., Poa spp., Agropyron detatum, Agropyron caninum, Festuca ovina, Alopecurus gigantean, Dactylis glomerata, Pennisetum lanatum, P.
Lycopodiella alopecuroides (Linnaeus) Cranfill [resembling Alopecurus, foxtail grass].
However, in addition to possible changes in soil quality, the farm cooperators suggest that insect pests including European (Ostrinia nubilalis) and southwestern corn borer (Diatraea grandiosella) and weed pressure from foxtail (Alopecurus pratensi s L.), wild sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.), and velvet leaf (Abutilon theophrasti Medic.) also increased during this time period.
Golden-yellow form of the Foxtail Grass, Alopecurus pratensis "Aureovariegatus,' with fine green stripes and attractive flowers when mature.
Site Cover type / Life form / Species A B C D Total live cover 148 119.2 140 82.7 Total live vascular cover 143 103.0 140 77.0 Evergreen shrubs 1.5 10.9 Dryas integrifolia 1.5 10.9 Deciduous shrubs 8 4.4 1.6 Salix arctica 4 2.9 Salix lanata 1.5 Salix ovalifolia 1 0.3 Salix pulchra 2 1.3 Salix reticulata 1 Sedges 113 97.1 140 58.7 Car ex aquatilis 9 14.7 130 0.3 Carex bigelowii 4 3.9 Carex membranacea 0.3 Carex mis an dr a 0.3 Eriophorum angustifolium 97 82.4 10 53.6 Eriophorum scheuchzeri 3 Eriophorum vaginatum 0.3 Grasses 13 2.1 Alopecurus alpinus 8 0.5 Arctagrostis latifolia 1 0.5 Deschampsia caespitosa 0.3 Dupontia fischeri 3 0.5 Hierochloe pauciflora Poa alpigena 1 Puccinellia angustata 0.3 Forbs 9 3.7 Braya sp.
We used two sorts of foxtails-meadow foxtail (Alopecurus pratensis) and ventricose foxtail (Alopecurus ventricosus) of 30 sorts of foxtails distributed in the territory of the former USSR.
Carex humilis 30, Festuca callieri 20, Filipendula vulgaris 10, Medicago falcata 10, Thymus cherlerioides 10, Teucrium chamaedrys 5, Trifolium ambiguum 5, Bromopsis taurica 3, Alopecurus vaginatus 3, Thymus roegneri 3, Hypericum linarioides 2, Allium rupestre 1, Alyssum repens subsp.
batch 50[right arrow]30 et al., 1993 maritimum (c) Schrade et al., Alopecurus Exp.
Koch H Aeloropus littoralis (Gouan)Parl H Alopecurus apiatus Ovcz.
Las especies espanolas del genero Alopecurus. Anales Inst.