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PRINCETON, NJ -- Ninety-five percent of Hawaii's residents consider the city or area in which they live to be a good place for racial and ethnic minorities, earning the Aloha State the top spot in Gallup's 50-state ranking on this measure.
While there's no hard data on how many Alaskans vacation, have time-shares or second homes in Hawaii, there's still enough residents heading toward the seven islands that comprise the Aloha State, to keep Hawaiian Vacations, an Alaskan-owned and -operated business, and now Alaskan Airlines, in the market to fly from Anchorage to Hawaii.
With year-round balmy weather Hawaii, nicknamed the Aloha State, is a top holiday destination.
Starting on September 1, the Aloha State put into effect a law that slaps a ceiling (adjusted weekly) on what wholesalers can charge for gasoline.
Upon arrival back to the Aloha State the team was able to quickly reintegrate into their work environment by being prepared to complete all post-deployment travel documents and participate in the return of deployable inventory.
In this month's column, we visit the Aloha state, Hawaii.
Meanwhile, that same week Hawaii announced its own milestone--the 100th captive insurer domiciled in the Aloha State since it enacted captive legislation in 1986, five years after Vermont.
Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar (HC&S), a raw sugar producer for the Aloha State, needed to simplify its inventory management to improve purchase decisions and expedite communications with customers, partners and suppliers.
As one of the first hot rodders in the Aloha State starting in the 1940s, Herb used to have a bit of trouble when he and a handful of other enthusiasts would go looking for a place to race.
That's when the Hawaii Convention Center will open for business, ending the wait for all those associations that wanted to - but couldn't - bring their big citywide celebrations to the Aloha state.
And the impact won't be limited to the Aloha state, either.
The Aloha State also buys a slightly higher proportion of the country's hybrid vehicles (0.
8 million in tax revenue for the Aloha State each year.
As the only California-based airline, Virgin America will offer Bay Area travelers a fresh and upscale new travel option to the Aloha state.