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New York Times IT was the sort of nightmare that had only ever been real for most people's parents or grandparents - the fear of an impending nuclear attack."Ballistic missile threat inbound to Hawaii," read the emergency alert that residents of the Aloha State received on Saturday morning."Seek immediate shelter.
As the Sino-US aviation market continues to boom, the growing trend of Chinese tourists flocking to the Aloha State has been linked to China's burgeoning middle-class population, as well as the rising strength in transport capacity between China and the US, Li said.
IF EVERY MOVIE OR TELEVISION SHOW set in Hawaii is to be believed, a visit to the Aloha State begins with a lei being put around your neck the moment you touch ground.
Blue Jay has also partnered with many other non-profits and human service organizations in the Aloha State.
Normally, if you send a firearm from one FFL dealer to another (assuming it's not prohibited in the state to which you are shipping it), that should suffice, but I understand gun laws can be a bit arcane in the Aloha state, so I'd make sure I wasn't running afoul of some peculiar local regulation.
Our Sailors from today and years gone by have fantastic memories of serving in the Aloha State," said VP-4 Executive Officer Cdr.
So her host mother, Pamela Wang, began an effort to raise enough money to bring Rahmatova back to the Aloha State and enroll her in Hawaii Community College-Palamanui.
To celebrate, the Friday event will feature a performance by Bill Keale, a Bend musician whose relatives helped bring a globalized awareness to the traditional music of the "Aloha State."
But not only has the famously tolerant Aloha State erupted in racial tensions at outrage over the loss of Hawaii's iconic performer, the evidence against Jackson is compelling.
Army, Hawaii Senate and Honolulu officials during his time in the Aloha State.
The Aloha State also offers multiple filming resources and a crew base big enough to support three major projects at once.
Among the event's highlights is the 5th Annual Hawaiian Natural Honey Challenge, where beekeepers from across the Aloha State will present their best comb, liquid and solid honeys in a competition to be judged by experts.
DIFFERENT PRONUNCIATIONS, for one thing: In the original Hawaiian, a certain popular four-string instrument is pronounced "oo-koo-leh-leh," while in English it typically sounds more like "you-kuh-lay-ly." This distinction proves important in telling the story of Hal and Hal, identical Wisconsin twins separated at birth, one of whom washes up in a suitcase, Importance of Being Earnest-style, in the Aloha State, while the other stays put in the land of Green Bay.
Synopsis: Ninety-five percent of Hawaii's residents consider the city or area in which they live to be a good place for racial and ethnic minorities, earning the Aloha State the top spot in Gallup's 50-state ranking on this measure.
A resort classic, the Hawaiian tropical leaf shirt is updated in fashion colors and couture designs like Garden Waltz in silk (from $115) by the Aloha state's most coveted brand, Tori Richard.