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Our Sailors from today and years gone by have fantastic memories of serving in the Aloha State," said VP-4 Executive Officer Cdr.
Among the event's highlights is the 5th Annual Hawaiian Natural Honey Challenge, where beekeepers from across the Aloha State will present their best comb, liquid and solid honeys in a competition to be judged by experts.
This distinction proves important in telling the story of Hal and Hal, identical Wisconsin twins separated at birth, one of whom washes up in a suitcase, Importance of Being Earnest-style, in the Aloha State, while the other stays put in the land of Green Bay.
Synopsis: Ninety-five percent of Hawaii's residents consider the city or area in which they live to be a good place for racial and ethnic minorities, earning the Aloha State the top spot in Gallup's 50-state ranking on this measure.
As countries and states achieve marriage equality (2013 was a boom year), there is no clear favorite same-sex honeymoon destination, although Hawaii had the highest number of honeymoon survey participants--and the number of newlyweds who choose Hawaii will no doubt grow now that the Aloha State recognizes marriage equality.
According to sources he, his wife and son plan to lay down roots in the Aloha state, where his spouse grew up.
The contest invites school-aged children in Hawaii to create artwork honoring the unique culture of the Aloha State that may adorn a Boeing 737-800.
Home to one of the world's most active volcanoes and tallest sea mountain, the Aloha State also gave the world the hula, superb cuisine and surfing.
Dietz said her father had a penchant for wearing Hawaiian shirts after he fell in love with the Aloha state.
Growing old in Hawai'i is easy; in fact the Aloha State leads the country in life expectancy, with an average life span of 81.
While there's no hard data on how many Alaskans vacation, have time-shares or second homes in Hawaii, there's still enough residents heading toward the seven islands that comprise the Aloha State, to keep Hawaiian Vacations, an Alaskan-owned and -operated business, and now Alaskan Airlines, in the market to fly from Anchorage to Hawaii.
With year-round balmy weather Hawaii, nicknamed the Aloha State, is a top holiday destination.
Starting on September 1, the Aloha State put into effect a law that slaps a ceiling (adjusted weekly) on what wholesalers can charge for gasoline.
Upon arrival back to the Aloha State the team was able to quickly reintegrate into their work environment by being prepared to complete all post-deployment travel documents and participate in the return of deployable inventory.