Aloe ferox

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much-branched South African plant with reddish prickly succulent leaves


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Aloe ferox can be propagated by seed, but this can take quite a few years before they reach maturity.
Main aloe products include aloe varietal juices - a line composed of aloe vera juice, aloe ferox juice, aloe arborescens juice, aloe chinensis juice and aloe saponaria juice-, aloe marmalades, aloe compote, and aloe formulations and aloe blends for new industrial applications, from animal nutrition to waste water treatment products.
It's a cocktail of aloe ferox, marula oil, coconut, sweet almond, and grape seed oil blended into she a to leave the skin soft.
Narrow weeping acacia trees, shapely Aloe ferox, and other succulents rise above the bluish Senecio mandraliscae groundcover.
ITC has already worked in Eastern Cape province in a successful collaboration with the Ikhala cosmetics company to create new jobs through exports, using aloe ferox plants native to the region.
Some are: Sceletium Tortuosum, Aloe Ferox, Hartogiella
Choose from Awapuhi containing extracts of Hawaiian ginger and aloe vera, pounds 5.25, Tea Tree for a stimulating experience, pounds 5.25 or Inkomfe with African potato, aloe ferox and roobios in a glycerine base, pounds 5.85.
and has planted agave variegata, aloe ferox, sago palm, kiwi and a banana tree.