Alnus rugosa

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common shrub of Canada and northeastern United States having shoots scattered with rust-colored down

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An asterisk denotes that a species was encountered, while blanks indicate species that were not encountered Common Name Scientific Name 1977 1996 Balsam fir Abies balsamea * * Red maple Acer rubrum * Mountain maple Acer spicatum * * Mountain alder Alnus crispa * * Speckled alder Alnus rugosa * * Chuckley pear Amelanchier spp.
- On 24 and 26 June 1992 we censused 150 Clastoptera obtusa spittles on Alnus rugosa at Lulu Lake, Wisconsin, for the presence or absence of Cladochaeta inversa larvae, then enclosed the spittles in situ with "sleeves" of fine netting to confine emerging spittlebugs.
Clastoptera obtusa nymphs and associated Cladochaeta inversa larvae were collected from Tilia americana at the Little Red School House, Illinois, site and Alnus rugosa at the Beck's Woods, Illinois, site.
We studied the processing of leaves from five native plants common in the riparian zone: sugar maple (Acer saccharum Marsh.), speckled alder (Alnus rugosa Clausen), eastern hemlock (Tsuga canadensis Carr.), red-stem dogwood (Cornus sericea L.) and sweet gale (Myrica gale L.).
(1985) compared the processing of summer-fresh and autumn-abscised leaves of speckled alder (Alnus rugosa) in a northern Michigan stream.