Alnus incana

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native to Europe but introduced in America

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Alnus glutinosa, Alnus incana, and Betula pendula, also ruderal strategists, are present in the floodplains as scattered small populations because of less competitivity with Salix and Populus species.
The canopy is even-aged and composed of pioneer species: Salix alba and Populus nigra, sometimes Populus alba or Alnus incana.
Root hair infection process and myconodule formation on Alnus incana by Penicillium nodositatum.
Occurrence of bryophyte species analysed in the present study in different habitats: H 1, deciduous forest on slopes of a river with Tilia cordata, Acer platanoides, and Ulmus laevis; H 2, ravine with a stream with Alnus incana and Ulmus laevis; H 3, mixed wet forest with Picea abies, Quercus robur, Betula pubescens, and Alnus glutinosa; H 4, pine forest with Pinus sylvestris; H 5, peat bog with Pinus sylvestris Species Substrate H 1 H 2 H 3 type Sphagnum cuspidatum Ehrh.