grey alder

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native to Europe but introduced in America

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On Sakhalin Island, we observed a brown bear eating the cambium of four tree species: Sakhalin fir Abies sachalinensis, Populus tremula, Salix caprea, and Alnus hirsuta (Figure 3).
In harsh winter, moose strongly selected young forest and wetter areas to obtain sufficient food resources, such as willow Salix spp., hazel Corylus avellane, and Siberian alder Alnus hirsuta var.
Diarylheptanoids from Alnus hirsuta inhibit the NF-kB activation and NO and TNF-alpha production.
On the influence of climate on the morphological structure of the form Alnus hirsuta (Betulaceae) // Ecology, 1: 22-27.
Triterpenoids and Diarylhep-tanoids from Alnus hirsuta Inhibit HIF-1 in AGS Cells.