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Five new diarylheptanoids from the male flowers of Alnus sieboldiana.
Estudios realizados en plantaciones de diferente edad de Alnus nepalensis y Alnus rubra (Franklin et al.
This explains why only one orchid species was present in the Alnus stands, where the coverage of herbaceous vegetation was the highest.
BETULACEAE Alnus acuminata * BORAGINACEAE Borago officinalis Phacelia pinnatifida * BRASSICACEAE Brassica sp.
Influence of fit tolerance between tenon width and mortise length on joint performance of oval-tenon manufactured by Alnus formosana wood.
Los Toldos, bosque montano con Alnus acuminata--las Yungas--base de troncos y suelos humedos, entre 1590-1640 m, 22[grados]18'S, 64[grados]39'W, 22-06-2007, E.
Alnus glutinosa of areas coastal and lowland up to height 2000 m rises its height is more than 40 m been and from Fast growing species and wet is north of country.
Cistus 11 Acer 7 Lathyrus 6 Alnus 5 Citrus 5 Vicia 4 Rubus 3
We also used these t-tests for total cover of krummholz patches in the Mealy Mountains that consisted of either Picea mariana or Alnus viridis, separating these two species to see if the results differed.
UMF taxa (15-20%) are mainly represented by Hedyosmum (9%), which presents the highest value of the record in this zone, Myrsine, Podocarpaceae, Symplocos, Weinmannia and Alnus acuminata (2-3%).
Chicligasta, Sierra de Aconquija, paraje Las Banderitas, epifita en forofitos del bosque montano con Alnus acuminata, 27[grados]18'S 5[grados]54'W, 1950 m, 22-VI-2007, Fuertes & Prada s.