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trade name for an alloy used to make high-energy permanent magnets

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In the system of quasicrystalline alloys AlNiCo has occurred in the formation of thin layers of oxides, by preference oxygen is bonded to aluminum, nickel continue while the metallic state.
It consists of the stator wound with armature windings and the rotor embedded with AlNiCo PMs.
They are more resistant to demagnetisation than the Alnico materials which make them suitable for use in complex shaped magnets.
Alnico, one of the first magnet materials used in the magnetic-separator industry, is a casting of aluminum, nickel, and cobalt.
So-called permanent magnets are shaped or machined pieces of special materials, such as ceramic, Alnico alloy or rare earth materials, which have been magnetized through exposure to intense electrical fields.
Each magnetic material, such as ceramic, samarium, neodymium or alnico, has its own reversible temperature loss.
The magnetic power source for Eriez' dual-wrap drum separator, Erium 3000, is a high quality rare-earth permanent magnetic material, which develops magnetic fields up to 25 times stronger than conventional ceramic or alnico magnets, with no increase in size.
These magnets have high-thermal-demagnetization coefficients compared with the traditional Alnico magnets, so they are not used in high-thermal-ambient conditions.
Delivering 15 watts, each speaker boasts a unique two-way design with a 3" rolled-edge woofer and 2" alnico tweeters.
These alloys include white gold, German silver, stainless steel, and more strange-sounding materials like Alnico, Ticonium, and Invar.
One of the driving forces behind the Gimme Shelter Tour is Tour Manager, Alnico, who agrees, "The work Shelter do isn't just about getting people off the streets, it is much more than that, as it is often the unseen number of people that they manage to keep in their own homes in desperate circumstances, that don't get included in the statistics.