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Synonyms for A.E.

Irish writer whose pen name was A

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"The real standout was just how widespread and prolonged each heatwave was - almost everywhere was affected," climatologist Blair Trewin told the BBC.
During the celebrations, the colors of the Kuwaiti flag could be seen almost everywhere, adorning the country's buildings and monuments with shades of red, black, white, and green.
Such scenes were seen almost everywhere across the country today," he claimed.
There is waste almost everywhere on the roads and the green spaces are not spared either.
On Wednesday morning the temperatures will be much higher, positive almost everywhere, except for the northwest regions.
Mathematics Almost Everywhere: In Memory of Solomon Marcus
Almost everywhere in Pakistan, the garages are improper to park police vehicles at.
Sean Payton's resurgent side are 15/2 to win the NFC outright and that's looking like value in a conference where holes can be picked almost everywhere.
"Mukhang malakas si Presidente at nakikita mo naman, he is almost everywhere all the time [The President looks strong and you can see he is almost everywhere all the time]," he added.
"Musicians travel for a living, and almost everywhere I have travelled I have been met with kindness and generosity.
Waiters can be seen serving food almost everywhere on the road, creating nuisance for the residents of the area, especially women.
Crack down on doggy offenders WE see in the press that most dog owners (I have a small dog) complain about being "hounded" by enforcement officers who were put in place to protect us all from the dangers of dog mess, particularly children who despite our concerns decide to roam almost everywhere and invariably end up with this mess on their shoes and bodies and bring it into our homes.
very fearful force was almost everywhere, and everyone believed that ok, any dissent, any opposition, legal or otherwise would not be tolerated by SAVAK and the people would be arrested and would be tortured.
Other features include stone almost everywhere, stuccoed walls, hand-carved beams and, as in the film, a wood stove to cook on.