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Irish writer whose pen name was A

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Since then, it has become the concern of all vets and dog owners, because it is now found almost everywhere in the UK.
Many members of the House of Lords rarely turn up, and with Birmingham accessible from almost everywhere they would have little excuse not to.
She said: "I was amazed, almost everywhere in the world knew Jessica Fletcher.
Worse still, two neighbors on opposite sides of me have blinding security lights that trespass almost everywhere.
Television, which gets almost everywhere, is seldom allowed to film in factory farms, which sort of gives the game away.
There are now bacon festivals around the country, and the flagship of forbidden food is found almost everywhere, from chocolates and ice cream to popcorn and high-end dishes, not to mention its traditional uses in classic fare like the BLT, club sandwich, and bacon burger.
From bus fares to street magazines, digital payments are accepted almost everywhere in Sweden.
The line network of ViP transport opens up the city of Potsdam almost everywhere.
Manitoba Below normal almost everywhere except the area close to Hudson Bay where near normal temperatures are more likely.
RENTS have fallen in the North East while rising almost everywhere else, according to new figures.
Participants said they were amazed at the wide variety of edibles found almost everywhere they looked, and at the high nutrition some of these plants can provide.
Concerning the restroom problems ("Restroom Respect," Reasons & Remarks Redivivus, March PN), I have found this is true almost everywhere.
In the UK and most other countries, there are police on patrol almost everywhere, in cars and on foot.
From Athens to Dublin, and almost everywhere in between, administrations are imposing wave after wave of spending cuts and tax increases to persuade investors they are serious about improving their public finances and persuade them to start buying euro zone sovereign debt again.