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Irish writer whose pen name was A

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In this paper, the almost everywhere stability of the third-ordered system is studied.
Flavin engages other oppositions--between immediacy and mediation, for example, and materiality and immateriality--oppositions in play almost everywhere in advanced art of the '60s.
Almost everywhere in the country, from candlelit bistros to high-end restaurants, dining is a celebration of traditional fare dressed in innovative flavors.
Since then, the show has developed a cult following and been produced - almost everywhere.
Almost everywhere there is terrorism today, ideologies directly opposed to the teachings of Jesus Christ are involved.
We are almost daily challenged by the mucky world of electoral politics--by coalition building with groups that have very little in common aside from their desire to oust Bush, by a marginal presence in many areas and negligible resources almost everywhere and by the overwhelming challenge of learning (in little less than a year) the terminology, players and processes of a power ring we never before fought in.
Warts are infectious, especially in damp areas such as showers and swimming pools but the virus that causes them (the human papillomavirus or HPV) is found almost everywhere.
These conditions are met almost everywhere on earth, and not surprisingly, we can and will find mold growing virtually everywhere on earth.
Lurking almost everywhere were complex conditioning factors related to the Columbian exchange, including the introduction of horses and European-style weapons.
Western ideas about liberalism and science are taking root almost everywhere, while Europe and North America are becoming multicultural societies through immigration, mainly from developing countries.
He took full peripatetic advantage of the growing opportunities of air travel by jet, and through guest appearances on TV, in films, and almost everywhere else inhabited by humans became a household name in some of the most unlikely places.
Debbie Lee's research in both primary and secondary sources is impressive, and her writing is crisp, clear, and graceful almost everywhere.
The ideas Mori stands for--and makes concrete in the most literal way, as witness the various 'Hills' developments scattered around Tokyo--have been rather persuasively discredited almost everywhere else.
life companies take for granted is absent almost everywhere else in the world, according to underwriters overseas.