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a member of a Muslim dynasty of Berber warriors that flourished from 1049 to 1145 and that established political dominance over northwestern Africa and Spain

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(21.) Maria Jesus Viguera Molins et al., El retroceso territorial de al-Andalus: Almoravides y Almohades, siglos XI al XIII (vol.
In the subsequent centuries--especially under the Almoravide, the Almohade, and above all the Merinid Dynasties--mosques, madrasas (schools), palaces and Moorish Andalusian style homes and public buildings were steadily added.
Sus antepasados trabajaron para los imperios almoravide y almohade hasta 1228, ano que emigraron a Ceuta.
Instead, they claim that tribes from the region united for a hundred years in the eleventh century to create an Almoravide state that conquered the whole of Morocco.
(3) La situacion para los iberomusulmanes se recrudeceria a finales del siglo XI, cuando al-Andalus se convierte en una provincia almoravide gobernada desde Marrakesh.