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a member of a Muslim dynasty of Berber warriors that flourished from 1049 to 1145 and that established political dominance over northwestern Africa and Spain

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These two dynasties, the Almoravids and the Almohades, left very indelible impressions upon Spain, and ultimately, western European society and development.
Within two months of their arrival in Baghdad, in Dhu l-Qa'da 489 (October-November 1096), (53) Abu Bakr and 'Abd Allah went on pilgrimage and continued their campaign on behalf of the Almoravid rulers.
Ibn Tumart, the founder of the Almoravid dynasty, encouraged Ibn Bajjah to discuss religious matters with him, given the latter's love of knowledge.
com/ articles/18514; Alejandro Garcia-Sanjuan, "Jews and Christians in Almoravid Seville as Portrayed by the Islamic Jurist Ibn 'Abdun," Medieval Encounters 14 (2008): 78-98, esp.
It is possible the Almoravids attempted to eradicate coinages they saw as competitors to their own.
is essentially a concise political history of the Taifa, Almoravid, and Almohad periods.
of a word: thus al-Qaida, Allah, Almoravid (the Moorish dynasty).
After the decline of Cordoba, Seville assumed prominence as a taifa kingdom and then as the seat of Almoravid and Almohad rule in the peninsula.
This is the period of the Almoravid invasion which brought hordes of new Africans into the Iberian Peninsula.
Even at a distance, he was a major supporter of the efforts of the Almoravid emir Yousuf Ibn Tashfin (1006-1106), who founded the city of Marrakech in today's Morocco.
While preparing the introduction to a paper on Ibn Barrajan's prediction of the Muslim capture of Jerusalem in which I intended to summarize the biography of this Andalusian Sufi master from the Almoravid period, I could not help feeling that our historical view of him--as a rebellious Mandist leader who challenged the political authority of the Almoravids--was at odds with the quietist and pious Sufi that resonates in his works.
Such activities are a stark contrast with the very name of the city, which was founded in 1062 by the first ruler of the Almoravid dynasty, Yusef Ibn Tashfin, and named for divine delights rather than worldly pleasures.
The presence of large numbers of Berber dans and tribes in the Iberian peninsula since the eighth century and the domination of parts of the peninsula by Almoravid and Almohad dynasties of Moroccan origin provide direct links between the history and archaeology of both areas.
The Almoravid and Almohad dynasties, between the 10th and 12th centuries, ruled over vast territories stretching from Senegal to Spain, and controlled an important part of the trans-Saharan trade in gold and slaves.
His grandfather, the influential Abdul Walid Mohammad, was the chief judge of CEaArdoba, under the Almoravid dynasty.