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small bushy deciduous tree native to Asia and North Africa having pretty pink blossoms and highly prized edible nuts enclosed in a hard green hull

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Laura Lean Jibbey, peanut brittle, a little almond cream on the neck muscles, dishes unwashed, half an hour's talk with the iceman, reading a package of old letters, a couple of pickles and two bottles of malt extract, one hour peeking through a hole in the window shade into the flat across the air-shaft--that's about all there is to it.
She took a salted almond from a silver dish by his side and smiled sweetly upon him.
Soon I shall begin to fancy that the perfume of your spring flowers is the perfume of almond and cherry blossom.
You'll be glad to spend another shilling or so, in almond cakes, I dare say?
Feeling himself so smitten, he imagined himself slain or badly wounded for certain, and recollecting his liquor he drew out his flask, and putting it to his mouth began to pour the contents into his stomach; but ere he had succeeded in swallowing what seemed to him enough, there came another almond which struck him on the hand and on the flask so fairly that it smashed it to pieces, knocking three or four teeth and grinders out of his mouth in its course, and sorely crushing two fingers of his hand.
Often Afghan almonds reach international markets under a different trademark and only a margin of the profits fall to the Afghan economy," said Hamidzada.
While soymilk continues to dominate the growing dairy-free market in most countries, there are signs that newer alternatives are emerging in the mainstream grocery sector, using alternative ingredients such as rice, oats and, more recently, almonds, according to Netherlands-based Innova Market Insights.
Almonds are one of the oldest known cultivated nuts, and also one of the most symbolic.
Four-pound cellophane packages of unshelled almonds were sold in department stores on both coasts.
Areas used to grow almonds in Homs are estimated at 52'922 hectaresA by the end of 2009.
It achieved this status through constantly pushing the technology curve forward, and with product research and marketing efforts that expanded the ways, and places, in which almonds are consumed.
One good thing about Tuono's thick shell is that it gives the nut more resistance to the dreaded navel orangeworm, the primary pest of almonds in California.
Italy--where almonds were said to grow in such abundance in the southern region of Apulia that the local olive oil was perfumed with almond's aroma--is the second largest producer.
In both laboratory (in vitro) and human studies, researchers explored how the fiber plant cell wall of almonds affects the accessibility of nutrients.
Consumers rank almonds as the most essential nut and the top nut consumers choose most to eat on an ongoing basis, according to the Almond Board of California's 2009 Consumer Attitudes, Awareness and Usage of California Almonds, an independent survey of North American consumers.