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Synonyms for Almighty

Synonyms for Almighty

having unlimited power

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O Myriads of immortal Spirits, O Powers Matchless, but with th' Almighty, and that strife Was not inglorious, though th' event was dire, As this place testifies, and this dire change Hateful to utter: but what power of mind Foreseeing or presaging, from the Depth Of knowledge past or present, could have fear'd, How such united force of Gods, how such As stood like these, could ever know repulse?
Notwithstanding her jealousy of the Vincys and of Mary Garth, there remained as the nethermost sediment in her mental shallows a persuasion that her brother Peter Featherstone could never leave his chief property away from his blood-relations:--else, why had the Almighty carried off his two wives both childless, after he had gained so much by manganese and things, turning up when nobody expected it?--and why was there a Lowick parish church, and the Waules and Powderells all sit ting in the same pew for generations, and the Featherstone pew next to them, if, the Sunday after her brother Peter's death, everybody was to know that the property was gone out of the family?
Ajimobi, who noted that the occasion of the Eid-El Kabir was a time to offer sacrifice to the almighty Allah, urged Nigerians to give utmost priority to national interest above selfish ambitions.
This is the highest position a person can attain in his zeal for worshiping the Almighty: he is ready to offer his life and wealth for Him when he is called for this.
He began the Eid sermon (Khutbah) with Takbir (exclaiming Allah is Great), glorifying and thanking Allah the Almighty for His many blessings, praying on the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), thanking Allah for completing the fasting of Ramadan and making easy for ways of charity and doing well.
" He said that Allah the Almighty warned this nation not to follow the course of previous nations in terms of division and difference, stressing that the unity of the nation is strength and mercy and division is weakness and torment.
Following is the text of the address, read on the media by Minister of Media Turki bin Abdullah Al-Shabanah: "Praise be to Allah Almighty, and prayers and peace be upon Prophet Mohammed, his family and companions.
Since I abstain from the lawful things that I used to indulge in, such as food, drink and the like, for the purpose of getting closer to Allah Almighty, then how is the case with what is unlawful in principle?
She prayed that Allah Almighty may grant courage to the parents and the family to bear this tragic loss with fortitude.
LAHORE -- Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Sardar Usman Buzdar Saturday said that mother is a great blessing of Allah Almighty, a mother is in fact the name of true and real relationship.
Prime Minister Imran, in his message on the occasion, said Allah Almighty has provided us an opportunity to fully benefit from His blessings in this holy month.
The Muslims every year on 27th of Rajab (Lunar calendar) observe the Shab-e-Miraj to mark the Isra (journey) and Miraj (ascension) of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) who was taken on a special journey to meet Allah Almighty, crossing seven skies on the heavenly animal named 'al-Buraq'.
He stressed that we must only trust Almighty Allah and not the people.
Summary: The imams prayed to Almighty Allah to have mercy on the souls of the terrorist attack victims.
THE Amir HH Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al Thani on Monday sent a cable of condolences to the President of the Republic of Sudan Field Marshall Omar Hassan Ahmed al Bashir, on the victims of a helicopter crash in Al Qadarif state in the East of Sudan, praying to Allah Almighty to bless the deceased with mercy.