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the largest city in Kazakhstan and the capital until 1998

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Istoria Kazakhstana; S Drevneishikhvremen Do Nashikh Dnei, (History of Kazakhstan: From Ancient Times to the Present Days) (Almati: RIK, 1994).
Idrisov said that Kazakhstan intends to settle Iran's problem through accessible methods and in this concern cities of Astana and Almati are ready to host the talks between Iran and the West.
In 2011 the agency plans to focus on developing regional branches in Nizhny Novgorod and Almati.
This type of correlation has been reported by Hulyal & Kaliwal (2007) in Almati Reservoir in India.
Turam (sociology and Middle East studies, Hampshire College) began her account in her native Istanbul, then expanded it to include Ankara, Almati, Kazakhstan, and North America to present a multi-cited ethnography that served as her doctoral dissertation at McGill University, probably in 2001.
GROUP D: Tornado Moscow (Rus), Aisulu Almati (Kaz), MHK Martin (Svk), Mircurea Ciuc (Rom).
Last week Strachan stressed the need for chief executive Peter Lawwell to provide him with two new players before Thursday's cut-off for the qualifier against Kairat Almati or Artmedia Bratislava.
ALMATI (CyHAN)- A French man, known as 'spider man', Alain Robert climbed on Saturday to Esentai Tower, which is the highest building of Kazakhstan.
ALMATI (CyHAN)- Textile, one of the main industries in Turkish export, showed up in the textile fair in Kazakh capital city of Almaty.
ALMATI (CyHAN)- One of the central Asian countries, Kazakhstan entered the new year with great joy.
ALMATI (CyHAN)- Various activities are being demonstrated as part of New Year celebrations in Kazakhstan only a few days to new year.
ALMATI (CyHAN)- A commemoration ceremony was held in Kazakh city of Almaty for the students who were killed during the Zheltoksan (December) uprising in 1986.
ALMATI (CyHAN)- Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev said Monday that his government will develop a new privatization program targeting all state-owned organizations.