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the largest city in Kazakhstan and the capital until 1998

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Petersburg, Irkutsk, Ekaterinburg, Kiev, Almati and Voronezh.
ALMATI (CyHAN)- Autoshow 2015, which is the most visited and the most attracted fair by Central Asian countries, opened its doors to visitors in Almaty, the old capital of Kazakhstan on Saturday.
ALMATI (CyHAN)- Indian Products Fair on Saturday opened its doors in Kazakhstan's financial center and old capital city of Almaty, draws high attention by the visitors.
ALMATI (CyHAN)- A spectacular ceremony was held in Kazakh city of Taraz to mark the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate on Thursday with the participation of Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev.
ALMATI (CyHAN)- As part of the activities, which is being held on the occasion of 550th foundation anniversary of Kazakh Khanate, a "Friendship Caravan" which set off from China's Xian city last year reached Kazakhstan.
ALMATI (CyHAN)- Traditional Apple Festival which marks the establishment of Kazakh Khan was celebrated in Almaty on its 550th anniversary on Sunday.
ALMATI (CyHAN)- A man living in Kazakh city of Karaganda made an interesting marriage proposal to his girlfriend, which gained interest in social media.
ALMATI (CyHAN)- People celebrated 70 th anniversary of victory of Soviet Unions over Nazi Germany in World War II on May 9 in Kazakh capital city of Almaty on Saturday.
ALMATI (CyHAN)- A scary fire which broke out in a shopping mall in Kazakhstan's former capital of Almaty burnt 25 thousand square meters are to ashes.