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egg-thickened veloute

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6) Jacques de Almain, Moralia in Aurea clarissimi et acutissimi doctoris theologi Magistri Iacobi Almain (Aegidius de Gourmont, Paris, 1518) cap.
Repression is a familiar Gothic trope, of course, but it strengthens the thread of allusiveness to Rebecca (and, by extension, to Jane Eyre): the castle in Glen Almain houses disconcerting presences: the 'ethereal singing' (69) which Iris hears coming from the East Wing belongs to Agnes, Lady Melfort's sister, who now lives in the nursery, tending injured birds; her child-like fragility is mirrored in the naif Muriel, an otherworldly girl-child, who eventually kills herself (she, not Daphne, becomes the glen's real suicide).
Esta llamada segunda opinion es la de Duns Escoto, al cual sigue Gabriel Biel que cita a Jacques Almain.
I especially love the pages from Jacob Halder's Almain Armourer's Album, a sixteenth-century compendium of armor designs.
But historians of political thought have tended to focus rather more broadly on the role the work ascribes to notions of popular sovereignty in the resistance to tyranny and to situate it accordingly in the tradition of political thinking stemming from such late scholastic constitutionalists as John Mair and Jacques Almain and taken up later by such sixteenth-century "monarchomachs" as George Buchanan, Jean Boucher, and Williams Rainolds.
And dance coach, Maureen Wilkinson, was on hand to guide the pupils through Tudor dances such as Pavan, Galliards and Almain.
lt;<Las ensenanzas de Duns fueron potenciadas extraordinariamente en el siglo XV por Juan de Gerson, Jacobo Almain, Conrado de Summerhart y Gabriel Biel.
At the beginning of the sixteenth century, in the course of developing a theory of the respective jurisdictions of secular and religious authority that would enable political rulers to resist incursions by the Catholic Church, Sorbonne jurists John Mair and Jacques Almain gave more systemic and forceful voice to Gerson's conciliarist account of secular political authority.
An inquest was being concluded today at West Bromwich Town Hall in front of Black Country Coroner Robin B almain.
A lo largo del siglo XV hubo una serie de autores Nominales, tales como Conrado de Summenhart, Gabriel Biel, Jacobo Almain y, sobre todo, Juan de Gerson, que fueron extraordinariamente populares durante mas de dos siglos.
Ian Payne's book explores the almain in the context of the English measure and country dance, and as such draws attention to a significant aspect of the English cultural heritage.
Mr Stephen Kaye with team members Kim McKay, Claudia Almain, Michelle Moutray, Sharon Owen, and, right, Jean Hannah, the corneal retrieval nurse; Picture: MARTIN BIRCHALL; Bryn Heeley can enjoy family life and a career thanks to surgery
Edward, Henry's son, and now the English king, who had also fought against Simon at Evesham, came to Sicily in 1270-71 on his way to Acre, bringing his cousin, Henry of Almain, with a mission of reconciliation.
Almain, who has a bizarre habit of showing up in Carole's house in the middle of the night; Toussaint Remy, who is like a Caribbean Bob Villa; and Yvette, the feisty, female chief of police.