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Alexandrian astronomer (of the 2nd century) who proposed a geocentric system of astronomy that was undisputed until the late Renaissance

an ancient dynasty of Macedonian kings who ruled Egypt from 323 BC to 30 BC

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This paper offers a close reading of Ptolemy's philosophical defense of the equant in Almagest 9.2.
At the core of Graney's study is a detailed analysis of Riccioli's New Almagest, and the science behind Riccioli's assessment that, on the balance of contemporary evidence, the earth was at the centre of the universe.
According to studies published in the latest edition of the peer-reviewed journal ( Almagest , the Antikythera Mechanism, often called the world's first analog computer, was, in addition to pinpoint the positions of sun, stars and the moon, used to predict solar and lunar eclipses - events ancient Greeks believed could impact human affairs.
| WHO...was the ancient Greek geographer that authored the astronomical treatise the Almagest? | the name of Fogg's valet in Jules Verne's novel Around the World in 80 Days?
brought Almagest purification and this is just one We took our pleasures
Layline is a pretty reliable yardstick on the all-weather and gets the nod in the Hickstead Show Ground Handicap at Lingfield, while Almagest looks a capital investment in the Edward Brain Plant Hire Novices' Hurdle at Stratford.
The scientific case reached its apogee, Graney argues, in the 1651 New Almagest of the Italian Jesuit astronomer Giovanni Battista Riccioli, who used detailed telescopic observations of stars to construct a powerful scientific argument against Copernicus.
after destroying Mutual Regard by 14 lengths, with one of this afternoon's rivals almagest a further seven lengths adrift in third, statutory was switched to Godolphin and aimed at some of the bigger staying prizes.
He wrote commentaries, most notably on the works of Nasser Al Deen Al Tusi, whose exceptional contributions on Ptolemy's "Almagest" revolutionised the scientific community by rigorously testing the Greek astronomer's findings using astrolabes.
1114 Gherardo of Cremona born; translated the Almagest and the Toletan Tables into Latin.
Tomorrow's tips BEVERLEY: GAZETTE BET: 3.35 Almagest.
When Almagest is mentioned the translator specifies: 'El Almagesto, Libro de astronomia, de Tolomeo' (5) (1921, p.134).
In his work Mathematical Treatise known as Almagest (after the Arabic translation in which it was preserved) he systematically presented his vision of the universe as a geocentric system.
For instance, Ptolemy's Almagest was first translated to Syriac and then to Arabic.