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the largest city in Kazakhstan and the capital until 1998

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The Minister of Minsa, recalled his intention to turn Peru into the headquarters of an international event on primary health care to celebrate and update the Declaration Alma-Ata, approved 40 years ago at the International Conference on Primary Health Care, held Kazakhstan, between September 6 and 12, 1978.
Without commitment to these classifications, this paper sought to observe the International Conference on Primary Health Care in Alma-Ata 1978 as one of the latest conferences in the cycle.
In addition, the Alma-Ata Declaration marked a respect for the states of the Commonwealth, which will aim to achieve a nuclear-free and neutral status, as well as "commitment to cooperate in the formation and development of a common economic space, European and Eurasian markets".
Sin embargo, han pasado varios anos desde la declaracion de Alma-Ata y la situacion de salud sigue siendo similar (3).
Just how successful has the Alma-Ata Declaration been in addressing issues of inequality in health?
For the full text of the Declaration, see Declaration of Alma-Ata, Int'l Conference on Primary Health Care, Alma-Ata, USSR (Sept.
While the framework and characteristics of CPHC continue to evolve, the overall emphasis is on health as a function of social and economic development, reflecting the principles advocated in the Alma-Ata Declaration and other international agreements and initiatives (e.
The philosophy of PHC has been set down as the foundation principle on which the public health system is to be built, in line with the ideals of the 1979 Alma-Ata Conference and clear evidence of the effectiveness of the PHC approach.
When the Soviet Union imploded in 1991, the move was initiated by Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, the most developed of its republics, in the Alma-Ata Accord of December 1991.
In 1978, at the International Conference on Primary Health Care in Alma-Ata, 134 states signed a declaration calling for adequate health care for all by the year 2000.
From January 1989 to February 1990, Mynbayev worked at a teacher of the Alma-Ata Institue of National Economy.
La estrategia de atencion primaria en salud (APS) tiene su origen en la declaracion de la Organizacion Mundial de la Salud (OMS) de Alma-Ata en 1978 "Salud para todos y todas", y surge de la necesidad de atender la poblacion que no cuenta con recursos suficientes para acceder a servicios de salud, teniendo en cuenta dos conceptos fundamentales: promocion de la salud y prevencion de la enfermedad de la persona y su entorno.
Contractors should complete reconstruction of the Ankara Street (former Gorky Street, from Alma-Ata Street to Tunguch micro-district) until October 15, Bishkek mayor Isa Omurkulov told Tazabek.
Meanwhile, according to the Kazakh Ministry of Emergency Situations press service's information, published on Saturday, at Friday night there was another accident in the Alma-Ata region of the country, which killed nine people, including two children.