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the largest city in Kazakhstan and the capital until 1998

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The Borat film is nonsense, it is not like Kazakhstan," said Storck, who combines his temporary national team role with the job of coaching FC Alma-Ata - currently languishing just one place from the relegation zone in 12th place in Kazakhstan's 16-team Premier-Liga and who he has been with since July.
The PHC report resulting from the Alma-Ata meeting details a paradigm shift in health theory and practice.
This Call for Action focuses on the promises of the Alma-Ata Declaration that held so much potential for improving the health of people worldwide.
Stalina's mother, who had moved to Alma-Ata and remarried, did not fetch her daughter until late 1952.
The potential financial bonanza has filled the streets of Alma-Ata, Baku and Ashkhabad, the three Caspian capitals, with foreign and local oil executives who drive Cadillacs and Mercedes as they check into and patronize the five-star international hotels, luxury apartment towers, casinos and nightclubs that have cropped up virtually overnight.
PMA endorses the philosophy and the spirit of Alma-Ata Declaration and gives special emphasis on Primary Health Care.
As the second largest oil producer in the former Soviet Union, Kazakhstan has lured many of the world's biggest companies to Alma-Ata, the capital.
Poets are the first to be shot because they make mistakes," my host explained as we conversed in his elegantly appointed office at Parliament House in Alma-Ata.
Fourteen German companies now have offices in Alma-Ata, most of which have permanent German representatives stationed there.
Since the Alma-Ata Declaration in 1978, responses were promising.
In the beginning of March 2002, Presidents of Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan met in Alma-Ata to agree on cooperation between these gas-producing countries in the field of production and transportation of natural gas.
Today too the people are in the heart of the scholar, In Alma-Ata, Tashkent, and Ili In Uzbek, Kazakh, and Uighur You have Korans to read.
Branches are located in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, Frankfurt, Luxembourg and Alma-Ata, with Representative Offices in London, Sydney and New York.
At the moment, the protesters, running away, made it difficult to move through the streets of Alma-Ata.
Exactly 30 years ago this month--on 6-8 September 1978--member countries of the World Health Organization converged on the city of Alma-Ata (now called by its ancient name of 'Almaty') in the then Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic, to hold the International Conference on Primary Health Care under the auspices of the WHO and UNICEF.