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your alma mater is a school you graduated from

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I thought that the death of a friend, a good man who quietly served others in handling the feeding program sponsored by the class and facilitated visits to the infirmary of aged and sick priests in our alma matter, deserved more than just a visit to his wake.
I have always raised the name of my Alma matter CMC wherever I went.
As for his alma matter, "Harvard should eliminate its internal managers--if for no other reason than to avoid the politics associated with directly employing highly compensated investment professionals--and radically simplify the endowment's investment approach," he stated.
Now a fixture in New York's commercial real estate market, Kerret hopes to give others the same boost that his alma matter did for him.
Rich believes in giving back to her alma matter, and has served on the engineering advisory board at the University of Mississippi for the past 10 years.
Edwards, who pitched in 16 games for the Worcester Tornadoes in 2008, is an assistant baseball coach at his alma matter -- West Liberty University in West Virginia.
There's the inevitable comparisons to your alma matter, an in-built audience that probably aren't going to get what they expect, and an elevated sense of expectation due largely to your previous success.
He received his elementary and secondary education in distinguished schools from Bucharest and in 1942 became a student at his Alma Matter, the University of Bucharest, the Faculty of Sciences, Mathematical Section.
A graduate of Coventry University, Kenmoe hasn't turned his back on basketball completely and has worked for the Crusaders as a coach in local schools and colleges around the city as well as at his Alma Matter Coventry University.
"MSUFCU already offers what we believe are the most consumer friendly credit cards, and by providing our members with a card that supports their alma matter, everybody wins."
Poehler offered funny words of wisdom to the recent graduates, making a number of references to her own alma matter Boston College.
The scientist recently visited Vadodara and attended a convocation at his alma matter, Maharaja Sayajirao University.
As a UCF alumnus, Peppler also supports his Alma Matter through other UCF organizations, including a multitude of alumni organizations.
Now an annual tradition, Hendrickson says he didn't dream four years ago that dodgeball would become his future legacy at his soon-to-be alma matter.