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your alma mater is a school you graduated from

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He received his elementary and secondary education in distinguished schools from Bucharest and in 1942 became a student at his Alma Matter, the University of Bucharest, the Faculty of Sciences, Mathematical Section.
Will Ferrell returned to his alma matter at the University of Southern California and had the privilege of being the only non-marching band member in school history to dress up in the drum major's uniform as unofficial mascot Tommy Trojan.
A graduate of Coventry University, Kenmoe hasn't turned his back on basketball completely and has worked for the Crusaders as a coach in local schools and colleges around the city as well as at his Alma Matter Coventry University.
MSUFCU already offers what we believe are the most consumer friendly credit cards, and by providing our members with a card that supports their alma matter, everybody wins.
Poehler offered funny words of wisdom to the recent graduates, making a number of references to her own alma matter Boston College.
The scientist recently visited Vadodara and attended a convocation at his alma matter, Maharaja Sayajirao University.
As a UCF alumnus, Peppler also supports his Alma Matter through other UCF organizations, including a multitude of alumni organizations.
Now an annual tradition, Hendrickson says he didn't dream four years ago that dodgeball would become his future legacy at his soon-to-be alma matter.
La Revista Cientifica tiene especial significacion para todos los investigadores del area agropecuaria de Venezuela, pero para el plantel de investigadores de la FCV de LUZ, nuestra Alma Matter, la revista es nuestro rostro e identidad.
He was back serving his alma matter as a visiting professor and approached Nail about coaching after judging cheerleading tryouts on several occasions.
Standing proudly next to the groom's cake was sugary Colonel Reb, in honor of the couple's alma matter.
Bersh began teaching at Temple, his alma matter, in 1967.
Since he returned to Manoa, his undergraduate alma matter, in 1996, Shiroma has garnered more than $2 million in research grants from the U.
It's strange that someone who went to an all-male school is on a crusade to obliterate a school designed to provide a safe haven for gay students, instead of battling to reintegrate his old alma matter with women.
Since returning to his alma matter as a coach, Cline has established the Scorpions as one of the region's premier programs.