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your alma mater is a school you graduated from

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He was back serving his alma matter as a visiting professor and approached Nail about coaching after judging cheerleading tryouts on several occasions.
Standing proudly next to the groom's cake was sugary Colonel Reb, in honor of the couple's alma matter.
Bersh began teaching at Temple, his alma matter, in 1967.
It's strange that someone who went to an all-male school is on a crusade to obliterate a school designed to provide a safe haven for gay students, instead of battling to reintegrate his old alma matter with women.
Since returning to his alma matter as a coach, Cline has established the Scorpions as one of the region's premier programs.
He maintains a Certified Engineering Operations Executive designation, and is also a regular guest lecturer at his alma matter, Cornell University.
I am optimistic that the students of this Alma matter will always be an integral part of that capacity building process in social and economic reconstruction of the country and they will play their pivotal role in the nation building," she added.
Later Monday morning he will join City Year volunteers for their annual City Year Service Day at his alma matter, Overbrook High School .
Richards was officially named head football coach at Millbury High yesterday, returning to his alma matter after spending the last five seasons coaching at Narragansett Regional.
The Los Angeles Daily News recently interviewed former Bruins about the plight of their alma matter, and Bill Sweek, a forward on three national title teams in the late '60s seemed to sum up the view of lettermen by saying, `I was really almost nauseous when I saw them' play in the Bay Area.
Elson artist-in-residence at the Addison Gallery of American Art, Angela Lorenz, returns to her alma matter with a fall exhibition, titled "Angela Lorenz: The Artist's Book as a Volume of Knowledge".
As an entrepreneur and successful CEO of Sprinturf, Greene has continued to stay involved in the Philadelphia school system, most recently participating in a Career Day at his alma matter, Germantown High School.
This year Oxford earned an invitation, but the Pirates will have to play Greenough's alma matter in the first round.
But the lanky Mancunian appears to put all that behind him to bounce back with one of his best singles in years in Alma Matter.