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your alma mater is a school you graduated from

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A court has just shot down an appeal from a group of law school graduates who sued their alma mater for allegedly misleading them about their post-graduation job prospects.
"Alma maters are such that they'll take anything," says Gydosh, adding that this lack of guidelines can be a problem.
Treasurer George Herbst's prior experience handling a windfall donation at another institution meant he knew to be grateful for one particular fact: Cornell had given his alma mater some advance notice on the gift.
Second, I examine the relationship between members and their undergraduate alma mater. I use district representa tion to proxy favoritism that reflects a politician's constituents.
The results suggest that both district representation and alma mater affiliation matter.
(See Goff and Grier [1993], Greene and Munley [1981], Levitt and Snyder [1996], Lott and Bronars [1993], and Poole and Romer [1993].) Thus diversions associated with district representation or alma mater affiliation represent a social cost that affects the research activities undertaken by universities.
With respect to funding to universities, however, we can use the alma mater affiliation of the politician as a measure of shirking and use the location of universities within a member's district as a measure of representation associated with one's constituents.
I combined this measure with the data on congressional representation and determined those universities for which there is alma mater and/or district representation for each year during the period under study.
Seventy-two of the universities have alma mater representation, and 186 of the universities have district representation at some point during the sample period.
Of the 186 universities that are located in the district (or state for the Senate) represented by the committee members, 68 also have an alma mater affiliation during the sample period.
There's more to supporting our alma maters than showing up for homecoming festivities and sporting a complete collection of paraphernalia boasting the school colors.
If you are a graduate of an HBCU, write a check to your alma mater today.
That seems to be the question that more and more alums are asking their alma maters. Historically, too many colleges and universities have seen their alumni as only a financial resource to be courted and, ultimately, tapped.
"When I began my career in development 15 years ago, most colleges and universities were reminding alumni to include their alma mater in their estate plans.
But in statements and in a letter to Elizabeth Birch, executive director of the Human Rights Campaign, the Cases defended the contribution as a gift to Jean Case's alma mater, not Kennedy's political activities.