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the univalent unsaturated organic radical C3H5

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Allyl isothiocyanate is utilized as a spice and a preserver by the food industry and is classified as generally regarded as safe (GRAS) by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States (Isshiki et al.
The report includes allyl isothiocyanate description, covers its application areas and related patterns.
The analysis also included the major components of the oils--cinnamaldehyde, carvacrol and allyl isothiocyanate (AIT).
Scientists at the University of Georgia undertook a study to determine the effectiveness of three volatile antimicrobials, carvacrol, cinnamaldehyde and allyl isothiocyanate, in inactivating or preventing the growth of Salmonella on the skin surface of whole tomatoes and in the flesh tissue of sliced tomatoes.
Here we studied the effect of two naturally occurring isothiocyanates such as allyl isothiocyanate (AITC) and phenyl isothiocyanate (PITC), on the inhibition of cyclophosphamide-induced urotoxicity.
When colon cancer cells were exposed to allyl isothiocyanate, one of these compounds, cell reproduction was blocked within 24 hours, sabatoging cancer growth.
reuteri alone and in combination with Allyl isothiocyanate (AIT) to determine action against a cocktail containing five strains of E.